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Level 1: The Isle of Titans[edit]

Move to the right to battle the Sparto, they are easy so don’t use your Strength yet. Now run all the way to other side of the beach. Activate your strength and smash the chest to get your first treasure item, a titan tablet. Follow the path to your First Statue Challenge against Delos.

Partial Heath-Up Challenge: Kill all enemies in 60 seconds[edit]

Reward: Ability to receive partial heath up item drops. Foes that have health drops on them will now have red armor.

As you continue you will be in a cave. You must simply fight groups of sparto to get a key, unlock the nearby pedestal then cut the revealed rope. This will be done four times.

On the way to the first rope you will find a challenge.

Sword Gauge Challenge 1: Kill all enemies in 90 seconds[edit]

Reward: Sword Fight Gauge level 1 (activates the said gauge)

The Hercules barrel near lock three holds a partial heath up. Most of the specialty breakables have some sort of buff or health item in them so I wont mention them again unless they have a collectable item in them. Continue cutting ropes until you get to the end, then jump the gaps after fighting the last of the Sparto. Your now on some rocks near some broken ships. Walk on to the boat and jump to its other half for a challenge.

Titan Tablet Challenge 1: Kill all enemies in 65 seconds[edit]

Reward: Titan Tablet

Now, follow the beach to another entrance to the cave containing a stash of barrels and vases. Your goal is to find the one that has the key. Nearly every set of breakables has hidden Skeletons in them, keep defeating skeletons until you find the key. Along the wall between the last to stones is a level hidden by breakables. Pull it to open the door above you to access the next challenge.

Health Slot Challenge: Kill all enemies in 90 seconds[edit]

Reward: Max Health Increase (increase max health by one slot)

Return the way you came and unlock the door. As you enter the next section, you will another challenge.

Double Damage Challenge: Break all Herculean Barrels in 90 seconds[edit]

Reward: Ability to receive x2 damage drops (Foes that have health drops on them will now have blue armor.)

Continue to follow the path until your outside again. You will find a Blood Meter Refill Skull here. it will always refill your entire blood meter when you hit it. It generally means there is a puzzle nearby needing a godly power to progress or a group of enemies that could be tough. In this case, you will need the power of Hercules to break the barrels blocking the rope. Cut it to release the ship. Board it from the right side and continue down the path.

When the path forks, head right over the plank then down to the beach. (the other path leads to a locked gate you can’t effect yet) You will find another titan tablet in a vase on the left side of the beach. On your way back up the path (or before heading to the tablet) head over the plan leading to the ship for another challenge.

Health Slot Challenge 2- Kill all enemies in 60 seconds[edit]

Reward: Maximum Health +1

Return to the path and follow it to the next section. Follow the next path to the locked gate. Continue up the ramp the left and fight the skeletons for the key. Remember this place for when you get the Axe. Return to the locked gate, and pass through a large room to your next challenge.

Double Armor Challenge: Break all Herculean Barrels in 70 seconds[edit]

Reward: Ability to receive X2 armor drops (Foes that have health drops on them will now have white armor.)

Return to the room to fight some more Sparto and the Fetter that appears. Defeat him and receive his Great Axe. The axe will break the more resilient breakables. You can’t return to the other broken wall yet, so use the axe to bash through the one on the left. You will find a chest under the walkways here containing one of the Emperor’s Coins. Take the path near the hanging weight and jump on, dropping you down to the next floor and opening the cage holding the mask. Fight the wave of Sparto then the shades that appear to open the gate. You are now on the other side of the locked gate from before. Walk away from the gate for a challenge.

Titan Tablet Challenge 2: Kill all enemies in 60 seconds[edit]

Reward: Titan Tablet

Return to the gate and head up the stairs, then down another set to a lifeless challenge circle. Return to the main area for a fight. Afterwards you will have the key, so go unlock the gate. Go back to the plank and return to the building where you found the Fetter. Before entering there though, take the ramp to the left to get a new weapon challenge.

Sword Challenge 1:Kill all enemies in 100 seconds with your sword[edit]

Reward: Primus Gladius- Sword of Champians

Now return to the mask room, which is now inhabited by shades. Take the other path now and kick down the plank to get the Jupiter Idol. Return to the bottom floor and jump down the hole where the weight was, then return to the lifeless challenge circle and place the Idol to end the level and return to Elysium.