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Story: Ackman uppercuts Tenshi into the sky, but into the road, but he goes angry with anger teeth, a red background appears and wants revenge on Ackman, be careful Ackman, but what will they be? Find out!

Intro: Tenshi is on a building smiling wondering how he will to kill Ackman this time because that other one in the last game failed, suddenly, 2 guys in cloaks appear, but we don’t know what they are yet, after talking, they disappear, leaving Tenshi sitting there smiling, the intro cutscene is over, once again Ackman be careful! Ok adventure begins!

Stage 1: you start off in a city wondering what’s going on? Probably your arch enemy is back ready for another way to kill you, after your little devil friend floating there by you gets through talking you again just like in the 1st one tells you that Tenshi is at it again, but we don’t what he’s planning, look out Ackman! Anyways, this bottom part of the stage is just a straightaway, don’t worry, just tough enemies might get in the…alright, anyways, when make it to the right side, a cutscene will occur and your little devil friend flies you to the top, the 2 cloak guys, but they reveal themselves, oh no! We thought we defeated these 2 in the last game, they just came back to life, oh shoot! Ok, but watch out, 1 boss is hard enough to deal with already, but you fight 2 at same time, good luck, once they are history for real, let’s hope not the 3rd game, anyways, afterwards, your arch enemy Tenshi appears in some sorta ship that fires a laser, you try and fight Tenshi, he’ll chase after you, run away from building being careful not to fall off, if you fall off, you’ll start the stage all over the again and fight the 2 guys again because there’s no checkpoints, the game is short, but more brutal than the last one, be ready…ok ok don’t love it…oh jeez, not this again, anyways, try not to fall, also these are auto-scrolling selections where your being chased, just at the end, you fight Tenshi, anyways when you get to the end of the selection, your dropped down on the road and chased by your arch enemy even more, when will this angel boy just give up already! At the end of the auto-scrolling selection, Tenshi corners you, but don’t give up now! after talking, arch enemy Tenshi fights you on his ship, when the battle begins, Tenshi can attack with a laser, a claw that reaches far, not telling about the other attacks he has, so go easy on your arch enemy and he should go…oh lord, after your arch enemy Tenshi is defeated, his ship explodes and goes through the floor, stage 1 is completed good job, stage 2 is coming, but what’s next, before stage 2 starts, Tenshi falls down to the road, but gets up, but after little time, the screen scrolls and someone peeps out…wait, what on earth is that huge angel man? Do we have to deal with him next? Oh no! Watch out Ackman! Also it looks like it might be Tenshi’s dad or something where he’ll joined by him and together they’ll kill Ackman, but we won’t allow that to happen! Ok, after the cutscene ends, stage 2 begins. Be ready!

Stage 2: before stage 2 starts, Ackman is greeted by the purple giant devil himself(ignore the sorta pink one on the bottom left corner, it doesn’t look like a devil, it looks a hybrid between a devil and a alien, not all devil), he’ll sell all the souls that Ackman previously killed and he’ll give him a blue jet, ok, after cutscene is over, your in the stage, before it starts, some sorta dude with intense yellow spiky hair and raging guitar shows up. Ignore what he says because he’s the one that’s going down! Ok, this stage will be a auto-scrolling stage even the selections, after he leaves, watch out for enemies that are hard to avoid like the cat bats and one enemy that looks like a bullet bill from Mario first don’t copy from sonic and second don’t copy from Mario, what’s with these things? We don’t get it, at the end of long auto-scrolling selection, the dude shows up again and you have to fight him, you’ll get transported to a dark sky with purple fog, it’ll be hard to hit him because of it, he attacks with a bolt of lightning out of his raging guitar and can teleport around, these can be hard to avoid, so get ready for a intense fight, but after so many, he will get defeated, he’ll go upwards instead after defeat instead of downwards like the other guys do, after defeat, he’ll retreat upwards, selection is completed, but the next selection has your blue jet destroyed to the ground, it’s that dude with yellow spiky hair and his raging guitar’s fault or was it a surprise lightning strike? We are not going to know, when the selection starts, you crash land in a forest, after intense platforming without a game over, selection is completed, in the next selection, oh no! It’s that big angel guy we saw at the end of stage 1! what is he doing here in a forest? We don’t know! To damage him, you can’t him directly, you need to throw enemies that appear from the beam of light, then throw them back at him a total of 6 times, after 6 hits, he explodes and retreats upwards, selection completed, cutscene starts, whoa my gosh, well at least we know they all are though, lord, after the cutscene is over, stage 3 awaits, be ready, this is probably the hardest stage of the game, even the selections, be prepared, this is where the adventure gets harder, this is probably Ackman’s ultimate weakness for good if he doesn’t watch where he’s going in this stage and if Ackman fails for real, Tenshi wins and he found his ultimate weakness already, so be careful not to get a game over and waste all your continues, good luck Ackman and don’t die or your killing supreme will end here, Good luck, let stage 3 begin, BEGIN!

Stage 3: before stage 3 starts, Tenshi climbs to top of a mountain from the road catching up to Ackman, telling that he has found Ackman’s ultimate weakness for real, but we won’t allow that, finally finding out, he laughs, but he falls little bit and might be hard get him back up the mountain, good…shoot, ok ok, good lord, he struggles and gets up there, after the cutscene is over, get ready for the hardest stage in the game…alright Ackman, you’ll die, you don’t love danger, jezz ok ok, anyways, this is a vertical waterfall selection, it’ll be a hard trek up here, after climbing, in the next selection, you fight against a huge muscular devil-like man that bangs his chest like a gorilla, but don’t trust him, he may be one of yours, but he’s not, he wants to kill you, when he gets finished talking, the battle starts, he automatically starts the battle by rolling himself like a ball straight toward you, dodge swifly around this guy because he’s brutal to deal with it, he can punch straight toward you, patients is the key to defeating him, when he’s defeated, prepare yourself, the next selection of stage 3 is the hardest selection of the game, it’s mostly just a race, but it’s not easy, let us show you why, then go and we won’t dare say it, thank you, next selection, a short cutscene appears, Tenshi is finally in the caves but the big angel guy appears right front him, but suddenly Ackman shows up and interrupts their talking, Tenshi goes first in the front minecart, big angel guy in 2nd minecart and then Ackman goes in the back minecart, when cutscene is over, not the hardest selection of just stage 3 starts, the hardest selection of the game, it’s mostly just a minecart race but to past this trial and error selection of stage 3, you must jump from minecart to minecart just like in the Donkey Kong Country universe, but watch out while riding, your arch enemy Tenshi and the other guy can throw bombs straight at you, these can knock you out of the minecart and die to avoid them, jump over them, at 1 part, it turns pitch black for 5 seconds where you cannot see yourself for 5 seconds, worst part is getting past the selection, to avoid death escpically at the beginning, jump on Tenshi’s minecart and steal his minecart to avoid the downwards path, it’ll lead to death, but then your arch enemy will jump to another one, but watch out, here’s the catch…ok, but you’ll forget Ackman, here’s the catch, but watch out, also this selection is also very long, but the at beginning, sometimes if try and jump on Tenshi at the beginning and it’s probably throughout the selection, sometimes you may not jump on him perfectly, it’ll count as a miss sometimes and your sent to the downwards path anyways, to avoid this, make your hitbox hits him and or it will miss, it if doesn’t miss, then you did it, but if you did miss, prepare for your doom below the downwards path, ok, once you got past the hardest selection of the game, which was the minecart race, why did we race on minecarts anyways? Ok, a cutscene appears after the selection, Ackman lands safely, But your arch enemy Tenshi doesn’t land safely and has freaked out eyes because of that, because we don’t trust him and devils kill angels, remember, in the next part of the cutscene, the big angel guy is waiting for Ackman, after talking, a red uniformed angel lady appears and will challenge you, after the cutscene is over, you have to kill her, when the battle starts, you have to find a way to hit her, to hit her, go on the platforms to hit her, but watch out, she’ll have lights from her ufo vehicle like thing and also watch out, don’t stand on those platforms for too long or enemies will come outta there and damage you, so your not completely safe, since there’s enemies coming there, it can be brutal to defeat her unless you saved bombs and didn’t use them on the last selection, use them now, they’ll come in handy since she can be hard to defeat without them. Once you have bested her, she’ll try again and fight you later, otherwise, good job, you beat the hardest stage of the game, the other stages won’t be as hard as this one, don’t you worry, ok stage 4 awaits! Get ready!

Stage 4: a cutscene starts with Tenshi in some sorta factory, some time, Ackman turns around and looks at his arch enemy, Tenshi doesn’t like that and goes sorta on all fours with head downward, suddenly Ackman pulls out his gun and pretends to shoot Tenshi in the face, but don’t worry, doesn’t really, Tenshi will help Ackman just this once through the beginning of stage 4 then Ackman, after the cutscene, the selection begins, your arch enemy will help you but only once(not doing the 3rd game where plays heroic role instead of the other 2 where he is villainious because Tenshi can’t be trusted), but not again because while is he helping us? Why don’t know, ok finally so won’t be on our side because he’s just a stupid angel boy while we are a devil boy, then it’s back being arch enemies, Tenshi, listen, don’t be our friend, ok…OK…WE DON’T CARE, don’t make us do it capital letters again, ok back, oh right, in this selection, the control pad + controls Tenshi while the other buttons make Ackman make attack in this selection, so the control skeme might be confusing in this selection, but you’ll get used it, after a long selection of Tenshi carrying you around, they land on clouds on a angel island thing floating in the sky, but you and your arch enemy see a nasty huge angel dude with white clothes, sunglasses and a guitar just like the other one, his primary attack is charging at you with his guitar, this battle shouldn’t be that hard if you know what your doing, just don’t be dumb and he’s only hard if don’t have bombs or weapons that do weak damage and not high damage, after he’s done, he’ll send you and your arch enemy in labyrinth like and maze like and confusing brutal selection where if you take too long, you’ll run out of time, yes we forgot, these games have a Time limit, where if you take too long to complete a selection in a stage, you’ll die that way, oh right, also finally your arch enemy Tenshi can leave you alone without him by you, because we don’t trust him, now at the end selection, you hear a voice, what is it though? But first cutscene, a brown man with sunglasses and afro wig is sitting there relaxing which is suddenly ruined by Ackman’s surprise as he breaks his green screen, he’ll pay for that later, first let’s ruin his life and put him in his misery, kill him Ackman! When the battle starts, if you don’t hit him, yellow sticks will keep floating around constantly making you get hit by them if stand around too long, if you hit him, he’ll bring down a giant skull drum set to smash you, don’t let it and dodge around him, keep trying to attack him and you’ll win, stage 4 is done. But get ready for stage 5, even though the final stage is short, the final boss of the final stage doesn’t fiddle around, get ready.

Stage 5: A cutscene appears with the big angel guy about eat then blah blah blah, get the point, after the cutscene ends, your put in a boss gauntlet style type selection, get past all of the ones you’ve faced throughout your adventure and defeat them all again, eventually you’ll come face to face with the big angel guy again, last time you fought him was in the forest where he did not do anything except for you throw enemies back at him, but this time, he’ll attack directly be prepared as he is brutal as heck this time around, even has phase 2, when the battle begins after talking, he has 4 types of attacks, he can shoot beams from his ufo cart thing, throw balls out of his staff and even grab you and damage you, also did we mention he takes alot of hits to get defeated, it’ll take a while, after about 30 hits(unless you use bombs and high leveled weapons that chip his health away faster)he’ll go in 2nd phase, inside his robot and your inside a golden palace, after talking, a battle begins, he’ll launch his fists at you and grab you in the air, the 2nd phase is just as brutal as his 1st phase, prepare to get frustrated if your in trouble, watch out Ackman, after a brutal fight, the big angel guy will eventually fall, Ackman escapes again, Tenshi appears and he failed to kill Ackman again. Take that Tenshi! Tenshi falls but survives into the road again, but not for long Stage 5 is completed. Congratulations! You beat this brutal game and watch the credits roll, after that, rest please from so much anger from this brutal game. Thank you.

Ending: cutscene appears with Tenshi on the road and has failed to kill Ackman once again, suddenly a can falls from the sky and lands on his head, collapses and dies, Ackman saved the world once again and no more of his arch enemy Tenshi, hope not, no not the 3rd one, skip that one, ok THE END!