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The following is a complete list of non-quest items:

  • Enchanted Apple - You've found the enchanted apple. It will heal your wounds. Hold down [ctrl] to use.: The Enchanted Apple allows Thor to convert mana into health. Although the rate of mana consumption is greater than the rate of health gain, the apple can keep Thor going when no health is around.
  • Power of Lightning - You’ve found the power of Lightning! Use it when you become surrounded by enemies to destroy them all!: The Power of Lightning grants Thor the ability to destroy any enemies adjacent to him at the cost of a small amount of mana.
  • Winged Boots - You have found: Winged Boots! Use these to run like the wind!: The Winged Boots grant Thor exceptional speed. They exact a heavy toll on his mana reserves, however, even if he is not moving.
  • Power of Wind - You have found the Power of the Wind! Use this to blast enemies around corners.: The Power of Wind lets Thor unleash a tornado on the area. Although he cannot control where it goes, Thor is not damaged by it and he can turn it off at will. The power consumes mana at a steady rate. It kills most enemies it comes in contact with.
  • Amulet of Protection - You have obtained the Amulet of Protection. This will shield you from many lesser damages. Take heed, my son. The Amulet is not effective against stronger forces.: The Amulet of Protection absorbs minor damage to Thor while it is in use. The Amulet drains Thor's mana reserves while it surrounds him with a bubble of protection.
  • Power of Thunder - You have found the Power of Thunder! This will damage all enemies in sight!: The Power of Thunder is Thor's most powerful weapon. For a large sum of mana, Thor can damage everyone, friend and foe alike, on the screen. The Thunder also causes the screen to shake.