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Scape Goat
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Scape Goat
Win the first Satyr fight
God of War ch14 entrance.png
God of War ch14 satyr.png

Once the lift reaches its destination, get on the over-sized hands to make your entrance to the Cliffs of Madness. As soon as you get off, a scene will introduce Kratos to his new enemy: a satyr. This is the first one you'll be facing, but unfortunately, it won't be the last. Unlike the previously-introduced minotaurs and centaurs, these goat-like creatures are fast on their feet and skilled with their staffs. They flip around to dodge attacks, and twirl their staffs when you get close. After the first is defeated, two more satyrs will appear. Use Medusa's Gaze if you have to, and get past the gate for a scene. Kratos experiences a flashback to his first meeting with Ares. Continue on down the path (taking note of the breakable wall to the right) and defeat the soldiers that come in your way. Throw some lightning bolts at the soldiers across the chasm and head right. Jump across the gaps, defeat the monsters, and get on the rope to the other side. Use the lift to get to higher ground, head right, and go down the tunnel path. Jump onto the wooden walkway when you see it for a chest, then jump back down and dispose of the soldiers that spawn there. A few satyrs will also arrive to give you some extra trouble. Leave through the path that opens up once you clear the place up, take the lift, save at the save point, and head through the tunnel to begin one of the most infamously challenging segments of the game.

Spike Room Box Puzzle[edit]

Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Complete the Spike Room Box Puzzle
God of War ch14 box puzzle.png
God of War ch14 necklace.png

Pull the lever to start the puzzle. At this point, the gate leading to the exit will be closed, and you have no choice but to pull a box out of a space in the wall. Once it's out, get on the other side and charge a small kick to get it to the other side, facing the path you must push the box along to get to the exit. Get it below the ledge (though take note that it doesn't have to be right below the ledge, just as far as Kratos needs it to be to double-jump up to the ledge), jump onto it and double-jump to the ledge above. If you've done it right, you should make it just in time. If not, the spikes covering the ground will pop up, sending Kratos to a bloody death. Retry until you get it right (it may take a few tries to get the hang of). Now that you're on the ledge, jump across the gap to the plant hanging from the edge and climb up it to reach a much-needed key in the Cliffs of Madness, the Necklace of Aphrodite. Take it and the gate blocking the exit will rise up.

Necklace of Hera[edit]

God of War ch14 corresponding walkways.png
God of War ch14 necklace 2.png
God of War ch14 block puzzle.png

Now that you're back at the lift, go right and step on the block to lower the rope. Jump down and follow the path to another tunnel. Enter it and defeat the satyrs that face you ahead. Afterward, keep heading forward and you'll reach a crank. Turn it so the walkways correspond, but keep turning to give Kratos some time to jump from one walkway to the other. Keep on going forward (defeating the minotaurs and satyrs along the way) until you reach a rope. Slide down it and head into the tunnel (there should be a shallow pool of water here). Head through the second tunnel in this room and Kratos will spot the second necklace he needs; but unfortunately, obtaining it won't be so easy. A gate rises up to lock him out. Grab the block to the top-right corner of the room and push it onto the circle in the center of the room. Next, grab the block shaped like the letter T and also pull it into the center. Use the crank in front of the circle to turn the blocks so that their sides face you. Push them against the gate and they should lock into each other perfectly. Next, take the block in the top-left corner and bring it into the center, turning it so that it locks in with the other two. The rest of the puzzle should be self-explanatory, except for the fact that you don't have to use the smallest block; that's likely only thrown in there to confuse you. Now that that's done, the gate will get out of your way and you can take the second piece of the puzzle, the Necklace of Hera.

  • The small block in this puzzle is no throwaway block. You use it to jump on one of the taller pieces on the far left of the room. There are 4 chests hidden on this ledge.

To the Architect's Tomb[edit]

God of War ch14 climbing.png
God of War ch14 new obstacle.png

The gate will now open to the exit, and a ladder will lower leading to a new path. Leave the way you came and take the new ladder. Climb up the wall and follow the long path set for you until you can jump down. Here you should see the rope you used to slide to the block puzzle that earned you the Necklace of Hera. Go forward and climb up the ladder, inserting the two necklaces in their respective places. Now you'll have to face the expanding and contracting platforms. Use double jumps to get to either side until you reach the highest platform. Go right for another flashback into Kratos' past in which Ares tricks Kratos into something that continues to haunt him to this day. After the scene, go right and jump over the rubble. Where you see a rope, jump on it and swing to the next to the platform on the other side. Climb up the wall, take the lift, and follow the path to reach the Architect's Tomb.