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Once you get through the Aegean Sea, a cutscene will show a conversation between Kratos and Athena, a goddess assisting Kratos, and also a few brief flashes of Kratos' past. After the cutscene, you'll be in control of Kratos again.

Ship Interior[edit | edit source]

Rockin' the Boat
Rockin' the Boat
Complete the Sex Mini-Game

You'll start in a room consisting of a bed and two naked women. If talked to, they ask Kratos to stay. You can either leave or start an optional mini-game. To start it, jump on top of the bed and a large Circle button will hover over them. Press Circle button and the camera will zoom in on the bedside table. What follows is a QTE sequence. Press Triangle button, Square button, Cross button, Circle button or move Neutral lstick as prompted and eventually, the vase which was bouncing unsteadily on the table will fall to the ground and smash into pieces. Your health will be fully-restored and, if playing in the collection, you'll get a trophy. Once you've completed the mini-game, head through the doorway opposite the bed to the right and go through the passage. You'll come across a save point and then the path will turn. A chest should be at the end of the path, along with a ladder and another chest opposite that. Open the chests and climb up the ladder to reach the deck of the ship.

Outdoors[edit | edit source]

From here, head to the right of the ship and you'll see a walkway that leads off the ship. When you reach the end, three Undead Legionnaires will spawn and attack. Kill them and follow the path and once it turns, three more Undead Legionnaires will spawn and attack. Eventually, the path will end. Turn to the wood floor and jump through the large hole in the wall. On the other side, you'll land in water. Swim to land and head through the doorway.

Phoenix Feather[edit | edit source]

Turn the corners and three Undead Legionnaires will arrive and attack. After getting them out of the way, open the chest at the end of the hall for a Phoenix Feather. Like Gorgon Eyes, they act as an upgrade if you collect enough. In this case, Phoenix Feathers will increase your magic. Head through the next doorway and open the chest. Jump on top of the large box in front of you and the double-jump to get on top of the larger one. Jump off and follow the path.

Minotaurs[edit | edit source]

Instead of jumping through the wall like last time, jump across and you'll see a lever. Press R2 button and Kratos will pull the lever, making the lift go up. Proceed along the wooden walkway and open the chest along the way. Reach the turn and a cutscene will show to soldiers trying to run away from three Minotaurs. Kratos watches as the first soldier gets his head sliced off and the other fails to outrun the monster. Now it's your turn to fight them. Attack them like you would any other monster to weaken them, and when weakened, a large Circle button will appear above their heads. Kratos will jump on top of it and aim the sword at its mouth. Tap Circle button rapidly and Kratos will stick his blade in its mouth. Killing it this way is the only way to gain health from the battle. After killing the Minotaurs, keep following the path.

More Monsters[edit | edit source]

Open the chest and again, press R2 button to use the lift. It'll take you higher, where you'll be shown another gory cutscene. Two trapped soldiers are caught by surprise by two Undead Legionnaires and stabbed from behind. At this point, you'll be greeted by another beast. This large gargantuan uses a spiked ball to attack, retracting it and then throwing it at Kratos again. Use Neutral rstick to dodge its attacks and throw in your own attacks while its preparing its next one. Press Circle button when the prompt appears above its head and complete the QTE to kill it. Walk further and another one will jump into battle. Kill this one and a third one will come to attack. Kill the third one and the red barrier will disappear from the doorway. Head to the right of it and you'll find a hidden chest. Now follow the path through the doorway.

Boxes[edit | edit source]

You'll eventually reach a room full of stacked boxes. Some of them have visibly weak support. One can be seen from the entrance of the room and the other is in the corner. Smash the weaker boxes and the exit to the room will be free. Find a box that Kratos can climb up to start. Jump to the stacked boxes diagonal to that box. Jump to the boxes on the right for a chest, and then jump back to the diagonally-stacked boxes. Jump to the boxes ahead of those, where you'll see a chest and a ladder. Climb up the ladder and shimmy across the ledge. Jump across from these boxes to the net on the other stack and then jump down to the exit you opened.

Medusa[edit | edit source]

Go to the light that looks like a save point to activate a cutscene. A goddess begins talking to Kratos just as Poseidon had done earlier, except this time, the talk is interrupted by the entrance of Medusa. She rises up from the ground after being noticed by Kratos and begins her attack. Whenever you see her shooting a large green beam of light, dodge it with Neutral rstick. Whenever you get the chance, attack Medusa and she'll get weakened eventually. This is when Circle button appears above her head, starting a QTE. This quick-time event only makes use of Neutral lstick; all you have to do is move it in the direction shown. This will kill Medusa and you'll obtain Medusa's Gaze. This power will allow you to paralyze enemies, allowing for a quick defeat. To use the power, hold down L2 button to aim and Circle button to fire. Three minotaurs will spawn with your objective being to use Medusa's Gaze to freeze and then kill them by smashing them, all by using Medusa's Gaze. Once you do this, you'll be able to pass. Two Undead Legionnaires will spawn and then two more will spawn. Kill them to go on and climb up the ladder.

Giant Arrows[edit | edit source]

Once up on the next level, you'll see an arrow cannon, fully-equipped with the over-sized arrows. Use the lever by pressing R2 button to turn the machine to the left, then go up to the machine. Move Neutral lstick backward and Kratos will pull the arrow, then kick it. It will reload itself and you can go through the now-open path to obtain the Phoenix Feather. Now go back to the lever and press R2 button to turn the arrow back to its original position. Repeat the process when you walk up to the machine and it'll break through the wall. Walk down the hall, then take a left turn and slide down the ladder. Kill the Legionnaires and open the chest all the way down the path for a Gorgon Eye. Climb back up the ladder and go back to the path you opened with the arrow. Go to the right this time and climb up the ladder.

Climbing[edit | edit source]

Defeat the three enemies at the balcony area, then climb up the ladder. Continue climbing up the wall, killing the Undead Legionnaires you come across along the way. The next step will be to jump on to the next wall. Do this by going to the edge of your wall and pressing Cross button to jump. Keep going to the right on the next wall and you'll reach another wall to jump to. Get to the next wall, then climb down from this wall to reach land. Go to the large statue and tap R2 button. Kratos will push the statue down. The statue will fall down and smash into pieces. The head is conveniently under a high ladder.

Going Up[edit | edit source]

Climb down the ladder near you and then jump down onto the ground below. Use the head of the statue to climb up the ladder. When you reach the next level, two Medusas will be waiting to assault you. Dodge their attempts to paralyze you and kill them either by activating the QTE or hacking and slashing until they die. Climb up the next ladder, where three Minotaurs and a Medusa will spawn. Kill the Minotaurs by using Medusa's Gaze and then get Medusa out of the way. Get up to the next level by smashing the weak-looking column to make a step to the higher column. Face the Undead Legionnaires on this level and then jump up to the arrow cannon, noticeably smaller than the other one. Nevertheless, it has the same controls, and will form a rope. Jump on it and use Neutral lstick to make Kratos climb along it. Use Square button to jab the enemies you meet on the rope, Triangle button to swipe, and Circle button to grab. Jump off the rope when you reach the ladder and then climb down it. Head to the door opposite the ladder and press R2 button to open it. Now that the door is open, use the large arrow cannon to get the door open and then use two more arrows to kill the Minotaurs. Climb up the ladder for chests, then drop down the ladder and follow the path for a cutscene.