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Bonus Costumes[edit]

There are a total of three different bonus costumes that can be unlocked through meeting specific goals. Once unlocked, you can select the newly available costume to equip throughout the highest difficulty level you have beaten and any preceding that.

Costume Unlock Skill Description Image
Spud of War Beat the Game Magic This costume has "a peel" Chains of Olympus Spud of War costume.jpg
McKratos Beat the Challenge of Hades Power Real men wear skirts Chains of Olympus McKratos costume.jpg
Mime of War Beat the game on God mode Red Orbs What you can't see can hurt you Chains of Olympus Mime of War costume.jpg


Sit back and enjoy the in-game movies along with videos explaining what goes on at Ready at Dawn.

Movie Unlock Description
In Game Movies Beat the game Watch the in-game movies and relive the story of God of War: Chains of Olympus.
The Lost Levels [1] Beat the Challenge of Hades The mysterious lost levels. Movie shows what might have been.
Making of Attica [2] Beat God Mode Watch the Making of Attica movie to see how Attica went from pre-rendered grey slabs to beautiful Greek city.
Inside Ready at Dawn Studios [3] Beat the Game Watch the inside Ready at Dawn movie to meet the team behind this amazing game.
Credits Available Immediately Watch the Credits movie.

Image gallery[edit]

Get back to the drawing boards and view the God of War: Chains of Olympus concept art galleries.

Image Gallery Unlock Description
Characters Beat the game Check out the character concept art gallery to see the original ideas for monsters and Gods.
Environments Beat Challenge of Hades Get a closer look at the extremely detailed environments in this concept art gallery.
Outtakes Beat the game in God mode View the beasts that didn't quite make it in the game in the outtakes concept art gallery.