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Battle on the Rooftops[edit]

Kratos has been ordered by the Gods of Olympus to defend the city of Attica from the invading Persian Army. Kratos starts off the game on the rooftops of Attica surrounded by an unrelenting force of Persian Warriors. Kratos will encounter waves of enemies as soon as the waves are over head towards the ballista.

Use the Ballista on the Persian Fleet[edit]

Having eliminated the Warriors on the rooftop, Kratos must now turn his attention on to the invading Persian fleet off the shores of the Aegean Sea. To stave off their attack, Kratos must use the nearby ballista to puncture and sink one of their ships.

To use the ballista approach it, hold Circle button, and press down on the Neutral lstick. Kratos automatically fires the ballista when it's primed. A hit results with the ship exploding in a burst of flame.

The fleet retaliates by firing explosive projectiles toward the rooftop, destroying the ballista as well as creating a hole for Kratos to drop down into. Make haste and head below to continue.

Down below inside a storeroom, Kratos encounters more Persian resistance. Take the fight to them and continue to weaken their ranks with both light and heavy attacks. In addition to enemies inside the storeroom, Kratos finds a green glowing chest-a health chest. Approach it and hold Circle button to open it, allowing it to release and spew its contents, a large ammount of health-refilling Green Orbs.

Once the storeroom has been cleared of enemies, Kratos can open the doorway set in the front wall. To open it, approach the handle and rapidly tap Circle button. Be ready to start mashing Circle button the moment Kratos begins to lift the door, as a giant Cyclops beats him to the punch. Keep rapidly tapping Circle button in order to keep the Cyclops from Squashing Kratos with his gigantic club. The Cyclops' life is only short lived, as the Basilisk appears behind the Cyclops and makes short work of him.

Battle Against the Basilisk-Part 1[edit]

This massive creature has a mouthful of razor sharp teeth, as well as the ability to spew fire from the depths of its bowels. Thankfully, its large frame prevents it from getting inside the storeroom, and for the moment it can only attack with its head.

The moment you gain control over Kratos, begin slashing at the Basilisk with a combination of light and heavy attacks. The Basilisk retaliates with two different types of attacks:

  • It gnashes and lunges at Kratos, attempting to chomp him with its gaping mouth. This attack can either be evaded or blocked.
  • It shoots a stream of fire at Kratos in an attempt to light him on fire. These attacks are telegraphed and should be avoided by evading when fire begins to erupt from the beast's mouth.

Continue attacking the beast every chance you get while blocking its lunges and taking evasive action to avoid the fire. Once the Basilisk's Health Meter (located on the bottom of the screen) has been depleted by 75%, it enters a temporarily stunned state, allowing Kratos to begin a context-Sensitive attack. As soon as the Basilisk is stunned, approach it and press Circle button to perform a series of timed button presses and to carry out a deadly and devastating attack. After correctly following the two timed button presses, the Basilisk goes down, but it's not out for the count. To finish off this portion of the boss fight, quickly approach the Cyclops's club, which is on the ground to the right of the Basilisk's head, and press Circle button to heave it up over Kratos's shoulder. Kratos lifts it even higher and then slams it down onto the beast's cranium, destroying its left eye and causing it to retreat.

Brave the Beaches of Attica[edit]

Even though the basilisk has been defeated, Kratos certainly hasn't seen the last of it. The Ghost of Sparta watches as it climbs over Attica's walls and enters the city. In order to follow, Kratos must cross the war-torn beaches of Attica.

The Persian ships moored just off shore are concentrating their explosive volleys at the beach, making crossing a deadly proposition. Kratos can avoid their large and damageing blasts by steering clear of the blast radius that appears on the ground before each projectile lands. As long as he is not inside or touching the radius, he won't take any damage. It's a bit risky, but Kratos can acquire a few extra Red Orbs by breaking apart the wooden barricades found along the beach. Just be careful to watch out for incoming projectiles.

Break Through Attica's Gates[edit]

Kraots finds a Battering Ram on the far side of the shore that looks perfect for breaking through Attica's gates. Approach its right side and hold Circle button to grab the handle; push the Battering Ram up the steps by pressing up on the Neutral lstick. Watch out for incoming projectiles as he move the ram off of the beach.

Before breaking through the defenses, take a moment to clear the area along the city walls. A power up chest full of Red Orbs is tto the right and there's a Save Alter to the left. An unmarked item chest is just beyound the Save Alter on a slightly raised platform and it contains a special item-a Gorgon Eye.

In order to break through Attica's fortified gates, ensure the Battering Ram is stationed in front of them and position Kratos at the back of the ram. Press Circle button to grab the ram, and then rapidly tap Circle button to bash at the gates until they break apart.

Explore Attica[edit]

Once inside the city walls, follow the path around the corner to encounter a new enemy-Persian Archers. These arrow-firing guards can be a deadly nuisance if not taken care of immediately and effectively.

During his fight through Attica, Kratos comes upon fellow soldiers fighting against the Persians. Unfortunately his chained blades show no prejudice, slicing through everything they come in contact with. While these brave soldiers may unnecessarily die for their city, at least they leave behind Health Orbs for Kratos to absorb.

In order to get to the Archers, Kratos must cross across a water-filled gap. Quickly jump into the water and swim to the other side. Take out the Persian Archers and Warriors, concentrating on the Archers first, then clear out the area (there is a health chest along the wall, and some Orb-yielding breakable objects to the left). When it's safe to do so, approach the crank and press and hold Circle button and use the analog stick to push or pull it, opening a door along the wall to right.

Unfortunately, Kratos is not able to turn the crank undisturbed. Every so often a small group of Persian Warriors appears to interrupt his progress. Quickly let go, attack them using strong attacks, and then return to the crank as soon as possible.

As soon as the crank has been completely turned, let go and run through the open doorway before it shuts; (You can use the Dodge and Roll move to quickly get under the door (L1 button+R1 button+Neutral lstick)). Once you reach the other side of the doorway, drop down onto the battlefield and eliminate the Warriors and Archers. There are two massive siege weapons along the battlefield's perimeter. Kratos can use his chained blades to break apart their wooden casing to get inside. The one on the far end of the battlefield to the right hold two power up chests. The closer one to the left reveals a ladder that leads up to Attica's rooftop. Jump off the ladder when Kratos reaches the platform at the third floor. There's an item chest inside the alcove containing a Gorgon Eye. Make sure to grab this valuable item before continuing the climb.

Up top, approach the back wall of the siege weapon and press Circle button to kick it down. In the distance, the Basilisk continues to lay siege to Attica, devouring its inhabitants and lighting their homes on fire.

Defeat the Warriors along the rooftop, Grab the Red Orbs from the power up chest along the back wall to the left, and prepare to walk across the wooden beam to the right. In order to successfully cross, Kratos must stay carefully balanced and move slowly or risk falling to his death.

Defeat the Persian King[edit]

On the other side of the beam, take a moment to refill Kratos's health by opening the health chest and then pry open the doorway to enter the stronghold. Inside, Kratos runs into the source of the attack on Attica-the King of Persia.

During this battle, Kratos is constantly flanked by a handful of Persian Soldiers that drops down from the windows above. While they are not your first concern, they can be a nuisance. To quickly eliminate them, grab them with Circle button and dispatch them. Unfortunately, after a few seconds, more appear in their place.

The King is equipped with a large broadsword that he uses to swipe at Kratos. In addition, he can light the sword aflame for a swift, deadly, and unblockable attack. Finally, he can call on the magic of the Efreet with devastating results.

  • The King begins his assault against Kratos by attacking him with his broadsword. Watch for him to telegraph this attack by drawing the broadsword up over his head. When you see the King do this either quickly hold down L1 button to block or evade the attack altogether. The King strikes twice in consecutive motions. Continue blocking (or evading) until his attack is complete.
  • The King's second attack is to light the sword on fire and charge Kratos, making this attack impossible to block. The only way to keep from taking damage is to take evasive action. Quickly roll out of the way in the opposite direction.
  • The King's final attack is to summon the power of the Efreet, a mystical fire demon that slams the ground sending out a small shockwave damaging anything caught in its path. Like the flame attack, Kratos cannot block the Efreet's shockwave and must instead dodge backwards or out of the way.

Concentrating on chipping away at the King's health meter with a constant barrage of heavy and light attacks. Always watch his advances and attacks and be ready to deal with them as they come. Don't worry so much about the Soldiers, as they tend to get caught in both Kratos's and the King's splash damage.

Once the King's health meter has been depleted by 75%, Kratos can initiate a Context-Sensitive attack by pressing Circle button when the icon appears over his stunned enemy's head. Do this as the King is stunned.

  • The first part of the Context-Sensitive attack requires Kratos to defend himself from the King's flaming sword as he applies all of his brute strength in an attempt to overwhelm the Spartan Warrior. To successfully turn the tables, rapidly tap Circle button.
  • The next parrt of the attack requires a random button press to disarm the King.
  • As soon as his sword drops to the ground, a second button press is required to avoid the King's last ditch Efreet attack before running in and knocking him to the ground.
  • Defenseless, the desperate king offers Kratos his kingdom, women, and gold. The only thing Kratos takes is his life. Rapidly tap Circle button to bash the King's head in with a heavy wooden chest.

Emerging victorious, Kratos acquires the King's Efreet magic ability. With the new power, Kratos can draw on this magic beast and unleash the power of its Demon Fury attack. Now is the perfect time to try out the magic of the Efreet on the attacking warriors. Exercise a bit of patience and let them get close enough to be caught in the blast radius before unleashing the fiery beast. Once a few waves of enemies have been defeated, Kratos can exit the room and continue on.

Kratos can choose between two different doorways. The one on the left leads to a Save Alter and a passage to a new area. The one on the right leads to a storeroom with two maidens.

Two naked maidens are inside the doorway to the right and they are in the midst of entertaining themselves. Approach them and press Circle button for Kratos to join their activities. As with previous God of War games, you are required to perform a series of Context-Sensitive maneuvers which include analog stick movements. While you won't get to watch the hot-and-heavy action firsthand, the candle-holder should give you an idea of Kratos's progress. Correctly follow and time all of the on-screen directions, which include pressing the buttons (Cross button, Circle button, Square button, Triangle button), moving the analog stick in both circular directions, and tapping the L1 button+R1 button buttons, and you'll receive an explosive burst of 150 Orbs.

Use the Ballista on the Basilisk[edit]

Once Kratos has satisfied his desires, save your progress at the Save Alter and the open the door beyond to head back outside. Ont here, Kratos finds more Persian Warriors scaling the stronghold's walls. Off in the distance, the Basilisk continues its destructive reign of terror on the defenseless city of Attica.

The Ballista along the parapet is already loaded with a flaming bolt. Kratos must first aim it at the beast and then discharge its fiery projectile. Unfortunately, he also must deal with the encroaching Warriors. The Persians are easily dispatched with a few heavy strikes; however each one Kratos eliminates is replaced with another coming from one of the ladders along the parapet.

Kratos can kick the ladders to to temporarily stave off the Persian Warriors, giving him enough time to use the ballista on the Basilisk. Approach each ladder and press Circle button to kick them down.

When there is a break in the action, quickly dash over to the ballista and grab one of its handles along its sides by pressing Circle button, then rotate it until it is aiming at the Basilisk. As soon as it's lined up, let go of the handle, stand at the back and hold down Circle button, and press down on the analog stick to prime the bolt to be fired. Once it's primed, the flaming projectile finds its mark, only to irritate the beast and make it retreat to another part of the city.

Before exiting this area, Kratos can use the ballista a second time to gain access to an item chest holding a Gorgon Eye. He will come across this chest later in the level. Grab the handle of the ballista and move it to the center position (it can be moved to three positions: left, center, and right). Once it's locked in the center, fire the bolt and the move on.

Defeat the Cyclops in the Courtyard[edit]

Once the Basilisk has retreated, head into the wine cellar by entering the doorway at the far end of the parapet. Inside, Kratos finds a crank set into the floor, a ladder at the back of the room, and some breakable vases and casks that earn him some extra Red Orbs. Before using the crank,climb the ladder at the back wall to get up to the loft inside the cellar. Up here, Kratos finds a power up chest, as well as an item chest that holds a Phoenix Feather.

Approach the crank, hold down Circle button and use the analog stick to lower the platform on which Kratos stands. Once it has reached the bottom, enter the courtyard to witness the next horror the Persians have unleashed on Attica, a massive, lumbering Cyclops. If given the chance, the Cyclops will use its massive arms to smash Kratos. Its attacks include a series of unblockable bone crunching swipes and fist pounds.

Fight the Cyclops from as long of a range as possible. It might be slow, but its reach is quite long. Whenever it gets too close for comfort, evade in the opposite direction to avoid its swipes and pounding fists. Also, don't forget to make use of Kratos's magic. The Efreet can help weaken this beast. Once the Cyclops has been defeated, Kratos can continue deeper into Attica. Refill Kratos's health and magic from the chests in the courtyard, then follow the path and open the doorway.

On the other side, Kratos encounters a pack of Archers. Remember to block their flaming volleys and inch forward until he can safely grab and dismember them. There is a short path to the left where the Archers are stationed that leads to a power up chest and an item chest. Inside the item chest is a third Gorgon Eye.

Locate the short ladder against the wall at the end of the path. Kratos can use it to get up to the climbable surface along the back wall. Once secured to the wall, he can use his Blades of Chaos to climb along the wall (and even ceilings) using the analog stick. Up top, Kratos is besieged by another pack of Persian Warriors. Complicating the fight are the Archers stationed at key vantage points just off the main path.

As before, Kratos can kick the ladders along the parapet to temporarily stave off the onslaught. Take out the surrounding Warriors quickly before focusing on the Archers. The first can be found on the platform to the left. Cross over the small bridge and grab him for a quick kill. To take out the Archers on the second platform, Kratos must double jump across the gap.

Inside the small structure on this platform is an item chest containing a fourth Gorgon Eye. Once Kratos finds a fifth, his Health Meter will increase incrementally. This is the one which you revealed will the ballista. Backtrack to the ballista to break the wall if necessary. There is another item chest on the second platform. This chest holds a Phoenix Feather.

Break through the wooden obstruction at the end of the parapet and the pull the lever set in the floor to ride the platform down to the bazaar. Down here, the path to the left leads to a dead end, but there is a power up chest full of Red Orbs to plunder. The path straight ahead up the stairs leads to a doorway. On the other side, Kratos spots the Basilisk, who has been feeding on Attica's denizens. Before Kratos can get to it, it drops a half eaten body from from its maw and slithers away.

Take a few moments to scour the large courtyard, defeating the attacking Warriors and Archers, and plundering all of the chest found along the nooks and crannies. In additions to the enemies and chests, Kratos also finds a large moveable crate, a pressurized floor plate, and the Basilisk's carrion leftovers. When standing on the floor plate, the gate in front of it opens. The moment Kratos moves off the plate, the door slams shut. Kratos must use something else to weight the floor plate down. Perhaps the body or the crate/ to grab the body, approach it and press Circle button; press Circle button a second time to drop it.

Once the arena is cleared move the crate onto the pressure plate, then carry the dead body through the now-opened gate and into the next area. Here, Kratos finds another pressure plate. Place the body on the plate to opena second doorway. Follow the corridor on the other side of the gate to find a power up chest, a Save Alter, as well as health and magic chests. Make sure to save your progress, collect the Orbs, and continue down the path. In this next area, there is an item chest set inside an alcove. Inside, Kratos finds his third Phoenix Feather.

Battle Against the Basilisk-Part 2[edit]

The corridor leads Kratos to a doorway. On the other side is a large, open area. As Kratos moves down its length, he is accosted once again by the Basilisk. Still smarting fro, the last encounter, this bloodthirsty one-eyed beast is ready to kill. The Basilisk is back with a vengeance. Its attacks include lashing out with its razor sharp claws, biting at Kratos with its gaping mouth, and once again spewing fire.

  • The Basilisk attacks with its huge, sharp teeth. It lashes forward and bites at Kratos in a back and fourth motion with its head. This attack can be successfully blocked.
  • It also slams its claws down on Kratos, squashing him. This attack, too, can be blocked.
  • The Basilisk's third attack consists of grabbing Kratos between its mighty jaws and slamming him against the wall in an attempt to gnash him with its teeth. This attack cannot be blocked. The only way to survive and overpower it is to quickly tap the L1 button and R1 button buttons in tandem. If successful. Kratos slams the beast's head down into the ground, causing Blue and Green Orbs to spill from it.
  • The Basilisk's final attack is to spew a stream of fire from its belly, this time back and fourth across the landscape. The best way to avoid getting caught in its stream is to double jump over it.

Attack the Basilisk with everything in Kratos's arsenal. Use the Efreet when possible and break out a combination of heavy and light attacks. When the Basilisk retaliates, either, block, evade, or double jump. When Kratos has chipped away a substantial amount of its health, the Basilisk retreats to the top of the tower wall and begins a bombarded the Spartan with fireballs. Quickly dash in and advance toward the Basilisk while avoiding the blast in order to execute a Context-Sensitive attack.

  • The first part of this Context-Sensitive attack consist of Kratosusing his chained blades to climb up the beast, attaching them to its skull, and the dropping back to the ground. Press Circle button to initiate this action.
  • From here, rotate the analog stick in a counterclockwise fashion to make Kratos pull the beast down from its perch. If you fail, it slams Kratos to the ground, causing you to repeat the process.
  • Once the Basilisk is on the ground, Kratos latches on to one of the towers and brings it crashing down onto the Basilisk.

Repeat the steps above twice and the the battle against the Basilisk on the ground a final time until it becomes stunned for the final Context-Sensitive attack. As soon as it is stunned, get close to it and press Circle button. Follow the random on-screen prompts and press the correct corresponding buttons to successfully finish off the beast. Kratos leaps up to its head, attaches both of his blades to the Basilisk's jaw and then snaps it with a swift jerk. The beast has been felled.