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Box artwork for God of War Trilogy.
God of War Trilogy
Developer(s)Santa Monica Studio, Bluepoint Games
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Year released2010
System(s)PlayStation 3
SeriesGod of War
Genre(s)Action-adventure compilation
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)CERO Ages 18 and up
LinksGod of War Trilogy ChannelSearchSearch
This guide is for the Japanese compilation. For the European compilation, see God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition.

In Japan, God of War III was released in two packages: a standalone version and a God of War Trilogy edition version. The "Trilogy" edition includes God of War III and God of War Collection. The God of War III game is published by Sony Computer Entertainment, however the God of War Collection disc is published by Capcom, who has published the previous God of War games released in Japan.