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  • Cost: Destoroyah is a starter character.

Destoroyah joins the mutants to destroy all life on earth.

Destoroyah has above average offense and deadly long range attacks, hindered only by a slower speed. Destoroyah wields potentially the most powerful move in the game; its Horn Sword attack. Because of issues in the game's coding, this move does not use ANY energy in the wii version, effectively giving Destoroyah a disjointed attack that can hit enemies from a full character length away, potentially making him the strongest kaiju in the game. Spamming this move is almost a viable strategy given how much damage it does, its lack of an energy cost, its range, and how well it can combo with Destoroyah's Oxygen Destroyer projectile. Surprisingly, Destoroyah is strong against cold attacks and weak against heat attacks, unlike his movie counterpart.