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  • Cost: 50,000

A dying King Ghidorah revived by future technology is sent to the present to prevent the destruction of the planet along with other GDF mechas.

Mecha-King Ghidorah's offense and defense are slightly weaker than King Ghidorah's, but his long range attacks are stronger. He also uses a powerful shield for defense.

Tap C button: Taser (Requires Icon). Mecha-King Ghidorah releases two small blasts which will stun and remove all energy from the target. The blast requires an icon, which appears next to the cyborg's energy bars, and will come back again 30 seconds after the initial blast.

Using the Earth Defenders, play the "Invasion" at San Francisco. In the level, which features the Mothership looming overhead, simply defeat King Ghidorah. After this victory, select "M.K.G." at San Francisco and beat Mecha-King Ghidorah to be able to purchase the cyborg creature. It should be noted that since you have to face King Ghidorah in the "Invasion" level the player must select a character from the Earth Defenders that will allow this confrontation to happen, such as Anguirus or Baragon .