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  • Cost: 5,000

Moguera was the first battle mecha that was created by the GDF, but since it had a weak defense, it was not used a lot. Moguera would only be used if there was another GDF mecha in the battle or as a last resort.

Moguera is a lightning fast mecha with powerful long range weapons. However, it has weak offense and defense. Moguera players should avoid close combat. Moguera also gains energy automatically overtime, but at a slow rate.

B button + Generic Down.pngRemote button: EMP Bomb (Requires 1 Energy). Moguera drops a bomb that instantly detonates and leaves a blast radius for a short duration.

C button + B button: Power Down. The machine briefly powers down, leaving it immobile as its energy cells are completely refilled. If this move is done while in motion, and the joystick is held in a direction, Moguera will continue to roll as he is powering down.

Unlock Global Defense Force Faction to add him to the shop.