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San Francisco[edit]

Destroyed by earthquakes.


Covered in nuclear fallout.


Turned into a frozen waste-land.


  • Price: 15,000

Airborne from a gravity field.

Monster Island[edit]

  • Price: 10,000

Minor damage from the crystals. Home to a GDF base and ancient civilization.


  • Requirements: Either blast down the ship in the "Invasion" at San Francisco stage and select the Mothership as the next stage choice, or play as the Alien faction and select the level after one of the other factions has taken down the vessel. After either of these events, the stage should be available for purchase.
  • Price: 35,000

Crashed into San Francisco Bay.

New York[edit]

  • Price: 30,000

Destroyed by meteors.


  • Price: 25,000

Deformed by a giant Volcano. The lava can damage kaiju except Obsidius.


  • Price: 20,000

Flooded by tsunamis.