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  • Cost: 30,000

Varan is a mysterious kaiju who joins the Earth Defenders in the fight for the earth. The reason for his assistance is unknown, but some think he's protecting his home.

Varan is a fast kaiju but doesn't have powerful range attacks. Varan doesn't fly, he slowly glides around the stage, descending while he's airborne. Like Anguirus, Varan can curl into a ball and roll across the stage.

Using the Alien Faction, play the "On the Mothership " level. On this stage, destroy all three purple structures on the wall. This will be fairly difficult, as each must be destroyed by the player's beam at a range where it's hard to tell if it was actually destroyed or not until backing away. Once this task is done, and the level beaten, select "Evicting Varan" on the Mothership level and defeat the creature to add him to the shop.