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GGA Goemon.JPG

The main character of the game. Goemon has average speed and is the only character able to double jump. To double jump, press A button while you are at the highest point of your first jump. Goemon's projectile weapon is a coin, which costs one coin to use. His charge shot is a fireball which costs three coins. Goemon's special ability is the Chain Pipe. When you get this ability you will be able to attack from a distance and break star blocks. Goemon is the easiest character to use and probably the best one.


GGA Ebisumaru.JPG

Ebisumaru is the slowest character and has a decent jump. Ebisumaru's projectile is a ninja star and costs one coin to use. He has one unique ability, the butt bounce. While in mid-air press Down dpad to bounce on the ground to jump twice as high. This ability is hard to master, beginners are advised against using Ebisumaru. You begin the game with Ebisumaru as a selectable character.


GGA Sasuke.JPG

Sasuke is the fastest character and has an average jump. His projectile is a firecracker bomb, this is fired in a parabola and costs two coins each. The charged up version of this can break blocks with cracks in them, this costs four coins each. Sasuke's ability allows him to swim underwater, but you aren't able to do this until you get Yae. Sasuke's attack is fast but has short range, be very careful with playing as this character. Sasuke is unlocked when you go to the Tea House in Lost n' Town. Sasuke is a good character for beginners.



Yae is slower than Sasuke, but faster than Goemon. Yae's projectile is a cannon shot which costs two coins per shot. When charged this attack will lock on to three enemies and home in on them. Yae has the ability to change into a mermaid to swim underwater. While underwater, Yae's attack is the cannon. Yae is one of the more difficult characters to play due to the fact that she is outclassed by the other three characters. Aside from swimming, Yae's best attribute is her attack range and attack speed, but her jump isn't much better than Goemon's single jump. The offensive power is nice, but when you are in levels that require a lot of jumping, do not use Yae. Yae is available after you visit the Tea House in Otohime Town.


Impact is a giant robot built by Wiseman that looks similar to Goemon. Impact is summoned when there is a threat too great for Goemon and his friends (usually another giant robot). Impact battles are fought immediately after defeating a boss. New to the Goemon series is Miss Impact, which is the female counterpart to Impact. She is seen in the background and can be controlled by the second player. You can use the Baton Pass move to switch between Impact and Miss Impact whenever you are low on health or whenever the boss is attempting a one hit kill move.