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  • Neutral control or Neutral dpad: Move
  • Down control or Down dpad: Crouch
  • A button: Jump
  • B button: Attack, Run while in a village
  • Z button or L button: Fire Projectile, Crouch while in a village
  • R button: Use Special Ability
  • Start button: Pause

Impact Controls[edit]

  • Neutral control: Aim
  • A button: Strong Punch (Right Arm)
  • B button: Weak Punch (Left Arm)
  • Z button: Fire Coins
  • R button: Baton Pass
  • A button + B button: Guard
  • B button + B button + B button + A button: Delicious Attack
  • Up c + Down c + Up c + A button: Repeated Punch
  • Down c + Down c + A button: G-Kick
  • Down c + Down c + Z button: Blaster Beam (While Charge Meter is Full)