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Item Name Location Price Effect
Silver Fortune Doll Dropped by enemies N/A Increases weapon level by 1, if you are damage you lose this upgrade. Weapons max out at level 3.
Golden Fortune Doll Castles Only N/A Increases weapon level to 3, recovers health fully, and gives 3 shield points.
Dumpling Dropped by enemies N/A Recovers health by 1
Surprise Pack Item Shops, Found in various levels 80 Gives an extra life.
Raincoat Item Shops 10 Gives 1 shield point.
Silver Armor Item Shops 30 Gives 2 shield points.
Gold Armor Item Shops 60 Gives 3 shield points.
Rice Balls Item Shops 20 Automatically recovers 1 health when you die except from falling.
Plum Rice Balls Item Shops 40 Automatically recovers 2 health when you die except from falling.
Fish Rice Balls Item Shops 60 Automatically recovers 3 health when you die except from falling.
Entry Pass Varies N/A Needed to advance through world Checkpoints.