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Mission Objectives[edit]

Disrupt all surveillance equipment[edit]

There are 4 surveillance cameras located in the bunker, you must destroy all of them.

  1. Outside of the double sliding door in front of you where you start.
  2. The door behind you in the room where you start.
  3. Around the corner after the computer room.
  4. Behind the glass in the main control room.

Copy GoldenEye key and leave original[edit]

The GoldenEye key is on the table in the main control center (the room with the large video screen). Pick it up, then go to your inventory and select the key analyser. Press the shoot button to analyse the key, then again to throw the key back.

Get personnel to activate computer[edit]

Point your gun at Boris (the guy with the glasses in the orange T-Shirt) and he'll take you to the mainframe area, he'll then try to activate the computer by entering the password; K-N-O-C-K-E-R-S, objective complete.

But he sets of the alarm and that's when you pull out the datathief and use it (only a 007 objective). Then pull out AK47 and get ready for guys with DD44s (x2) and some with Klobbs and AK47s.

Download data from computer[edit]

Select Datathief and walk up to the mainframe and press Z button, and it will say "Downloading Data" and the 007 objective will be complete.

Photograph main video screen[edit]

Select the camera from your inventory. Stand back from the video screen and press the shoot button to take the picture.