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Mission Objectives[edit]

Compare staff / casualty lists[edit]

One list is on the table in the room down the hallway to the left after leaving the jail area, up the stairs, turn right, first room on the right. The other one is on a soldier somewhere in the bunker, you need to kill him and pick it up.

Recover CCTV tape[edit]

The CCTV tape is in the same room where Bond spawns in the first Bunker mission.

Disable all security cameras[edit]

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Aim the weapon that you are using at the lens of the camera and shoot it with one shot but be careful that it doesn't sound the alarm. You only have seconds to shoot it after you are in range of the camera. You can also shoot the side of the camera with multiple shots to disable it.

Recover Goldeneye operations manual[edit]

The Goldeneye operations manual is in the safe at the beggining, you need the "Safe key 2"

Escape with Natalya[edit]

The key to Natalya's cell is held on the guard in the cell area. Kill him to get it. It is best to leave Natalya in her cell until you have killed all the guards in the level, so she won't be killed by stray fire.