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General strategies[edit]

  • At the very beginning of the level, there's some body armor behind the lift. You'll thank yourself for getting it as soon as possible.

Mission Objectives[edit]

Destroy Control Console[edit]

  • Difficulty Level: Agent.
  • Gadgets Used: None.
  • Objectives Required: None.

Once you've gotten onto the main part of the cradle, go along until you find a bridge to the lower part of it. Go across, and go down the stairs at the bottom. Turn left, open the door, and whatever you do, don't go through! Look carefully and you'll find one of those happy little mounted miniguns there. Take it out with a DK5, quickly. Check for enemies following you from on top of the staircase, and eliminate all that you see. Go in the room a little and blow up the other minigun. Check for enemies again. Go behind the big metal gear-thing, and blow up the console.

Settle Score With Trevelyan[edit]

  • Difficulty Level: Agent.
  • Gadgets Used: None.
  • Objectives Required: Destroy main antennae console.

Immediately after blowing up the console, check for enemies again. You have no idea how important this is. Now go out the room via the door that you didn't enter from. Go carefully -- but not so slowly that you're efforts to check for enemies go to waste and you find 49 bullets nicely arranged in your back -- towards the ramp. Now strafe out right in front of it, aim right at 006 and fire away, running straight at him. He'll run away. Chase him. Every now and then, at certain points in the level that you chase him to, he'll turn around and fire a few pot shots at you. Shoot him as he's turning around, or as he's firing if you can't do it that fast. Keep this up until he goes to the very bottom of the cradle, down the lowest flight of stairs. Follow him down there, and through the hole he jumps down. Now kill him as quickly as you can (just spray bullets), and keep in mind that unlike most ledges in the game, you can fall easily off of the small platform you've followed him onto. When he's taken about ten more hits or he falls off of the platform - whichever comes first - he's dead. Enjoy the credits.