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General strategies[edit]

  • Baron Samedi (sort of) can be reached by going through the left doorway in the first room, then through the right doorway in the next room. If you manage to kill him, you'll hear him laugh. That's right, you didn't really kill him.
  • In the back of the room where you face the first imposter, you can go up a staircase and through a secret door to the room where the Golden Gun is hidden. When you reach it, however, unbreakable glass will come up around it and four miniguns will pop up and shoot you. I have no idea how to destroy the miniguns nor the glass. Grenades don't work, by the way.
  • After you've killed two Baron Samedi imposters (on Agent, anyway; you probably need to do more than that on higher difficulty levels), the sky and fog turn black, making it really hard to see.
  • To kill the real Baron Samedi (after and only after you've killed all the imposters), go back to the room where you found him first. Near one end of that room there's a hidden door. Go through there, work your way through (careful, there's miniguns in there) and you'll find a room with some big black shiny pole in the middle. Nearby you'll find the real Baron Samedi, whom you must kill to accomplish Objective B. Warning: he takes a *hell* of a lot of hits before he dies.

Mission objectives[edit]

Recover The Golden Gun[edit]

Go straight to the first arch you see in the game, after the blue rectangle. When you get there, go right, following the wall right and left until you see an open passage. Go straight, up the stairs and press B when you get to the gray symbol on the wall. A door will open, exposing a small narrow space and then a big open room. You will see a platform in the middle of the room. Step on to the first, and ONLY the first tile after the doorway. Next, step two tiles to the left and then two tiles up. Face to your right and go over 3 tiles, then 2 tiles up. Next, turn left and go 1 tile over, 1 tile up toward the glass, and 1 tile to the left again. Finally, go 2 tiles forward and 1 tile to the right. The glass case should open. You can step anywhere on the floor now without the machine guns being exposed. Go to the right side of the case to get the ammo, and to the left side to get the gun. Congratulations, you just got the 'impossible gun'! To get out, go to the gray symbol on the left wall and get body armor. Then open the other door past the first one. You will fall down back to ground level. When you fall down you will hear a laugh- that is baron Samedi- which brings us to Objective 2:

Defeat Baron Samedi[edit]

Best Done with the Golden Gun. To Get this gun before actually getting it on this level, go into a profile and choose 'Cheats'. Choose the 'All Guns' and 'Unlimited Ammo' Options (if they are available).

Then go back into the level. Defeating Baron Samedi Consists of 3 parts.

Part one

First, find him by going straight past the blue rectangle. Go near the arch but be wary of the guards on both side of the doorway, if you didn't already neutralize them. Then, in the arch there will be another bad guy shooting at you. Kill him then go straight until you see another arch.

Gunfire will be flying at you when you enter this room, so kill any guards and proceed, straight until you get to the middle of the pillars. Then turn left and you will see a guy in a white suit. That is Baron Samedi. Shoot him with your golden gun, or if you don't have it, shoot him over and over with a gun until he falls to the ground and dies. You will then hear a laugh, telling you that he has been 'resurrected'.

Part two

Go back to the area that has the blue rectangle. You will find Baron Samedi there. Shoot him again until he dies. You have to be really careful here though, because their will be a lot of guards. It is really easy to die here. After you kill Baron, you will hear another laugh. That means he has been resurrected again, and for the last time.

Part three

After you hear the laugh it will turn really dark. Go straight back to the first arch you went through in the game. Then turn right and follow the walls, even left until you see an open area in the wall leading to the passage. Go into the passage and make a quick right, going down another long passage, following it until you come to more blue glass. Make a right, a quick left, and then another right until you come to another open passage.

Go up the stairs, until you see a big black tower in the middle of the room. You will hear a laugh, and see baron Samedi in the left corner of the room. Shoot him until he dies one last time, and a message will show up saying Objective B - Complete. Congratulations, you just killed Baron Samedi. Before leaving the room, gather the body armor lying on the floor and have fun trying to get the golden gun, if you haven't already. If you have, then watch the cutscene at the end. Good job - you just beat Goldeneye 007! The only thing left to do is unlock cheats.