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Mission 7: Cuba Part i: Cuban Jungle

  • Objective a: Destroy Drone Guns
  • Objective b: Eliminate Xenia
  • Objective c: Blow up ammo dump (Secret Agent)
  • Objective d: Escort Natalya to Janus Base

Mission Objective A[edit]

Destroy Drone Guns[edit]

  • Difficulty Level: Agent
  • Gadgets Required: None
  • Objectives Required: None

The Jungle consists of much hiding and shooting from a distance. You first find yourself next to your crashed plane with Natalya, who is armed with a Cougar Magnum. That could help you out later! Don't fool around with the plane, it is going to explode!

First Drone Gun[edit]

First things first, some Jungle Commandos are coming towards you, so hide behind any tree and wait for them to arrive. Don't go too far left though, there is a commando hiding behind a tree! After you go farther, killing more commandos, use the assault rifle you got from one of them and watch out. A drone gun is in the distance ready to shoot you. You have to destroy it, it says so in the mission objectives! Get a few good shots on it, and it should explode.

Body Armor 1[edit]

Wait. Do not head to the right yet. If you head to the left, there is a body armor hidden behind a tree. Awesome, a body armor!

Drone Gun 2 and 3[edit]

Body Armor 2 and 3[edit]

Now head to the right, using the same technique as you did in the last area. Also there is a body armor hidden behind a bush near the drone gun here. You should save this one until later because it can refill the whole bar. Do the technique again, and there is a body armor hidden behind a tree on the left.

Mission Objective B[edit]

Eliminate Xenia[edit]

  • Difficulty Level: Agent
  • Gadgets Required: None
  • Objectives Require: None

Drone Gun 4[edit]

Now, the next part is tricky. There is a drone gun on the hill by the end of the bridge. Now get into a good position, aim with your assault rifle, and... oh no! Its Xenia, from the train in St. Petersburg! You need to defeat her because she has an RCP-90 and an Grenade Launcher! It doesn't take very long on Agent, but it takes a little longer on Secret and 00 Agent. Just watch out for that drone gun. You can use many different ways to defeat her, but my favorite way is to walk right up to her and start shooting like crazy! She can't shoot you if you are right in front of her After you defeat Xenia (objective b completed) and take her weapons, destroy the drone gun.

Objective B Completed[edit]

Body Armor Tip[edit]

Remember, whenever you are low on life, go back and get that body armor.

Drone Gun 5[edit]

The rest of the level is just a cave. Now when you walk in, there are three commandos and a drone gun in there. Hide behind the wall and shoot the commandos. Don't go too far, or you will get caught by the drone gun. Get your assault rifle and shoot the drone gun. Now, head through the area and go up. There are two commandos in here. Take them out, and watch out for commandos coming from the right.

Drone Gun 6[edit]

Go up the ladder slowly and get out your gun. There is a drone gun at the top of the ladder ready to shoot you! Get set up at the top so your gun is above the ladder and start shooting! It should be taken out after a few shots.

Mission Objective C[edit]

Blow up Ammo Dump (Secret Agent)[edit]

  • Difficulty Level: Secret Agent
  • Gadgets Required: None
  • Objectives Required: None

This section is for Secret and 00 Agents only. Now, see those boxes over there? You need to blow those up. Now you have three choices. A. Use your Remote Mines to blow them up. B. Grenade Laucher. C. Hand Grenade (if you got one from one the commandos). Whatever you chose, make sure you blow up all the boxes. That was the ammo dump. (objective c completed)

Objective C Completed[edit]

Last Drone Gun[edit]

Now hide behind the wall. There is a drone gun here. Shoot it. That takes care of the drone guns. (objective a completed) One thing left, Natalya.

Objective A Completed[edit]

Mission Objective D[edit]

Escort Natalya to Janus Base[edit]

  • Difficulty Level: Agent
  • Gadget Required: None
  • Objectives Required: None

Head around the wall. There are a few guards hiding behind boxes in this room. Throw all your explosives you have left (mostly your grenades) into the room, taking out as many guards as you can and then run! If you don't, commandos will keep coming and coming. Make sure you have the assault rifle to shoot any commandos in your way and get to the elevator. (objective d completed) Congratulations! You beat the Jungle!!!