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All of the characters in the multi-player mode have equal attributes, and are in the game simply for a way to tell the difference between players. You start the game being able to pick the following characters:

  • Bond
  • Natalya
  • Trevelyan
  • Xenia
  • Ourumov
  • Boris
  • Valentin
  • Mishkin

When you beat the game on any difficulty level, you are able to play as the following characters from the other 007 movies:

  • Mayday
  • Jaws
  • Oddjob
  • Baron Samedi

...Plus all of the civilians and enemies in the game. You can even play as a scientist!


You start out with the ability to play on only the first six of these levels. Once you get to Facility, the second Bunker level, Archives Caverns and Egypt, you are able to play on those levels in multi-player mode.


A pyramid-ish temple, with big wide rooms connected by thin hallways. Great for sniper rifle or rocket fights.


A building, with air ducts and ledges to hide in and snipe from. Timed mines are fun to use here, and Living Daylights is pretty fun here.


A bunch of dark caves. Has only one wide open room; mostly a bunch of winding passages. Two story level. Good for mines.


A Large building, consisting mostly of large rooms linked together. Also has a ledge around each room for players to go up on and attack those below from. Has a suitably large lower floor.


Identical to library level, except the upper floor is locked off. Works best with pistols, license to kill.


Also a lot like library, except in this one the basement is locked off.