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Mission Objectives[edit]

Contact Valentin[edit]

Valentin is hiding in a red container on the left side of the level. All you need to do is meet with him to complete this objective.

From your starting point, go down the slope and to the left side. Go through the yellow part on the ground (what is that supposed to be, anyway?), and then through the little ditch and under the red archway. Follow the little path until you get to a bunch of big stone slabs leaning on each other. Go around the left side of them and in the red trailer you will find Valentin.

Confront and unmask Janus[edit]

Secret agent

First you need to take a right out of the red container (where you met up with Valentin) and follow Valentin once hes done talking to you. After a few seconds of following him, take a left and follow the wall all the way until you see a big statue.

Shoot Valentin a couple of times and turn around. You will see men in black suits coming up to you, quickly go to your watch and change your weapon to unarmed. Don't move your guy or take out a gun at all and a man will talk until it says mission complete.

Locate helicopter[edit]

Take out the guys Janus left behind as he ran away. You have a short amount of time to run all the way back to where you started the level. Now the enemies will have shotguns instead of machine guns so take care. Near the level's entry point you will see the helicopter.

Rescue Natalya[edit]

She is laying down by the helicopter. When you get close to it, the timer will jump down to 15 seconds left if you have more time than that remaining. When you get close to Natalya, she'll get up and follow you. Move away from the helicopter towards the park gate until it blows up. Natalya will wait there for you.

Find flight recorder[edit]

Head back down the hill after the helicopter blows up, watch out for more Janus-henchmen with shotguns. The flight recorder is a bright yellow brick and will not be too far into the rubble, so look along the nearest statue pieces for it.

After you grab it, head back towards the helicopter and the starting location. Put away your gun and approach the posse. If you shoot, they will kill Natalya and you will fail the objective to keep her alive.