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General Boss tips[edit]

Bosses have a health bar display. You can therefore work out how close you are to victory.

All bosses have an "invulnerable lunge". When they get up from being knocked down or recover from stunning, they throw their arms up in the air and scream. If you are in the wake of their arms, you will be hit, and there is only a slight chance that you can death-jab them safely during this time.

Wild Woman[edit]

There are two forms. Both use plain melee attacks against you.

Red Wild Woman[edit]

Take the advantage to Death-jab her before she finishes eating that chicken leg.

Green Wild Woman[edit]

Watch out for the army of green Swordsmen eating with her. You can destroy the bar stools if you like.

Both Wild Women[edit]

Much as before, just tougher.


There are two forms. The first has a normal mace, the second has a lightning mace.

First Troll[edit]

Listen for his screeching. He will make a certain type of cry when he is going to try to ram you. Take any and all chances to Death-pin him.

Second Troll[edit]

Much the same as the First Troll. Watch for his electric-shock mace. He will use it just as often as the previous one used his normal mace.

Death Reaper[edit]

There are three forms. They are all more or less the same, except the last two can spawn aid.

First Reaper strategies[edit]

just keep pummeling in front of you (or use magic). Once he is sufficiently hurt, the lights come on. Like all skeletons, he has a stunned period but watch out for his lunge when he gets up.

Second Reaper strategies[edit]

This is the tough one. You want to keep hitting him and never let him escape (except to do his lunge). If he has a spare second, he will throw objects on the ground; skulls turn into Skeletons, and twigs into Evil Trees.