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Note that unlike in previous games the Bizarrians can also execute any move listed here except the spinning attack (which instead dismounts, so beware when using it).


Tap the stick in the direction you want to go. Double tap (left/right only) to run


Press Attack repeatedly to execute the standard three-hit combo.


Press Jump to jump. If you Jump while running you will go higher.

Jump-button kick[edit]

Press Jump repeatedly to kick.


Press Jump, then Attack. Gives more strength to the attack, while a running jump attack is the strongest.

Dash attack[edit]

Run, then press Attack when right up to an enemy. Since your character keeps moving when dash attacking there is a small margin of error, so if you push it too early you may still hit your target. If you do this on a Bizarrian the second time you do it will always make the foe dizzy, allowing you to get some more shots in.

Drop-kick/Spinning attack[edit]

Press Attack and Jump at the same time to execute this move. This will (usually) kill in a single hit and so is the best attack when you are not too overwhelmed by foes. Other than that, you can (in theory) go through the entire game with just this move alone. This special is actually quite slow to execute AND you must be facing the right way! It is NOT a defense against all sides like the special spinning attacks seen in other games.


Run, then Jump and press Attack, Down simultaneously. The enemy you stab will roll over with their arms raised up trying to remove the blade. Unless they are a boss, they fail. Even the bizarrians can death-jab, so don't worry about being mounted or not. It is very difficult to land this attack (slightly easier with a bizarrian) as the enemies insist on constantly moving, so it is best to do this when they are stationary (like the sleeping/dancing guards at some points, or when dizzy (they will stand "panting" looking downwards).


When playing with two or more, attack the boss simultaneously when he is dizzy. The characters will do a piledriver, dealing massive damage. If all four players attack together it will instead be a spinning piledriver, which does even more damage.