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  • Magic Pots: x10 (+4 BONUS Stage)
  • Food: Meat x1 (+1 BONUS Stage)
  • Bizarrians: 1x Flame Mantis, 1x Zapping Scorpion
  • Boss: Red Wild Woman ... Red Bad Brother
  • BONUS Stage: Magic Pot x4, Food x1

As you enter, helpless villagers are taken away in Bizarrian-driven carts, screaming piteously. This initial area will let you try out your special moves on the weak enemies. A Brown Soldier comes towards you. If you head towards the right, a Blue Soldier will follow. Drop-kick both of them. Next a Red Soldier and two Brown Soldiers. Watch out for the red soldier's alternate bow attack. You can smash the arrows midflight with the right timing.

Now you will find a woman being helplessly whipped by a Blue Swordsman. Kill him and the woman will drop a magic pot. Then you will be attacked from the left by another Blue Soldier, followed by two Orange Clubmen. Finally, yet another Orange Clubman attacks from the right on a Flame Mantis bizarrian. Drop-kick or ram him off and finish him quickly with the mantis. Next jump up onto the waterfall area. Kill the sleeping Orange Clubman and Blue Soldier quickly, or just ram them to death. Or you could death-jab the first (see Moves) and fry the other. Next 2-3 Blue Soldiers will jump out of the water. Watch out for their spears, as they can knock you off the ledge and into the water. Move constantly up and down in the centre of the screen until they throw their spears (and miss) then fry or ram them. Next you will come across a single Blue Thief. Fry him to get the single potion he carries. Next, death-jab the barrels below (to smash them quickly) or just jump-button-kick them. Together they contain 4 potions, so you've just got 5 magic points in one go!

Next you see a poor man being forced to drag a statue of Death Adder. Quickly smash the statue to free him, or if you're too slow he'll run away himself when the statue runs into a tree and gets stuck. The slave-driver is the all-new Green Soldier. As you fight him, a Blue Clubman will wheel a catapult up. Move out of his direct line of fire and go close enough to encourage him to hop off, then fry him and sit on the catapult to pick it up. Another Blue Clubman comes to get you, and then two Aquamarine Clubmen rush up.

Now blast the next two soldiers and move on to the Wild Woman. Repeatedly fry her, then when she is dizzy (she will stand panting looking downwards) death-jab her. Repeat as necessary. Now the empty Chicken-Leg prison cart will roll away, allowing you to walk upwards towards that Food Elf in the distance. Don't worry about him running away before you get there, as he never leaves until you take his single piece of food. Now you come into the road. You will be caught in a fork between a Purple Soldier to your left and a Blue Soldier to your right. Drop-kick the guy behind you and the one behind the skull poles and demolish any poles left standing (see Hi-Scores).

Head towards the tent and out comes a Red Soldier. Head a little to the right, and out comes another one! Head towards the campfire, where a Blue Soldier and a Aquamarine Soldier are napping. A Red Clubman comes out of the tent behind you. Free the women in the cage by pulling the chain and pull to the left to make sure you don't miss collecting their potion reward. Now smash the two DA statues and hit the women to break their chains and get yet another pot, all the while whacking the heck out of the Aquamarine Clubman and Blue Soldier who are exchanging a private joke about what happens to the women captured for DA... but wait! Two more Aquamarine Clubmen rush up to join the party! Two Blue Swordsmen come up next, followed by two Red Soldiers. Not to be outdone, two Red Clubmen rush up behind. 2 Blue Thieves run up. Hit them VERY QUICKLY. The upper one has 1 pot, while the lower one has 2.

Now you can choose to either stupidly pull that flashing rope, or just let the tent fall down by itself. Either way a Red Brother comes out, and a Green Clubman on a Zapping Scorpion. When you finally kill the Brother the tent (that he threw off previously) finally returns from the sky and lands conveniently on top of his body.


  • Blue Thief: 4 pots
  • Green Thief: 1 Meat

MAP: "It appears the villagers were cap-tured and taken to the enemies' town. We are on our way to that town."