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  • Magic Pots: +18 (+2 BONUS Stage)
  • Food: Meat x1
  • Bizarrians: 1x Preying Mantis, 1x Zapping Scorpion
  • Boss: NONE
  • Bonus Stage: Magic Pot x2

In this area, as a rule none of the DA statues can be smashed. Enter and be confronted by 2 Dark/Yellow Bone Natives. Drop down onto the lower level, and fight with 2 Dark/White Club Natives. Pull the switch (if you wish) to light up the area. Free the man (who gives you a pot). Now go on to find a Green Bone Native mercilessly whipping some poor guy to drag a statue somewhere. Next two Orange/White Club Natives throw burning boulders at you, while in the background a White/Yellow/Purple Bone Native is whipping another guy. As you fight him two more come from behind, and a White/Aqua Club Native drags in a flame catapult. Behind you yet another White/Yellow/Purple Bone Native comes up on a Preying Mantis. Now free the next guy who also gets a "thanks" spoken line and happens to be possessing a magic pot. A Dark/Yellow Bone Native emerges to hurt you. Next 2 Dark/White Club Natives appear out of nowhere. Free the guy and get TWO pots!

Go down to the totally dark area. Secret tip: to kill all the enemies in this next point effortlessly, ignore them and smash 2 of the statues. Now 2 Dark/Yellow Bone Natives appear and an Orange/White Club Native comes from behind. Open the food room and get 2 free Evil Trees at no extra cost! Get the food, and go onwards! Now you fight two Dark/Yellow Bone Natives beside the glow-in-the-dark white DA statues. Next not one, not two, but three Dark/White Club Natives come out.

Next we have a shameless Indiana Jones ripoff rolling rock scene, and then smash more statues to enter the Stalagmite Cave. Almost instantly, a Green Evil Tree attacks. Next you will encounter 8 in quick succession. Next 3 magic pots and a chest (containing a gold Rubber Ducky) beckon from a pile of bones. But first a White/Yellow/Purple Bone Native attacks on a Zapping Scorpion. Now jump over the hole (notice how the legs of your scorpion as you jump look like the spiders on Eight-Legged Freaks). Zap the skele in the rope-pull room and collect the 2 magic pots and single piece of food. Now a White/Yellow/Purple Bone Native jumps up the rock steps, followed by 2 more. Now a Dark/Yellow Bone Native tries to stop you. Kill him and collect the magic pot in the chest. He is followed by another, and two Dark/White Club Natives. In the room on the left are 2 pots and 2 trees. The room on the right has 2 pots and FOUR trees!

Now a Dark/Blue/Cyan Bone Native throws a spear at you, while a Dark/White Club Native rolls up a catapult. Now 2 Red/Yellow Club Natives attack you. Watch out, they can throw their clubs—and yet oddly never run out of ammo.... Now 3 more Dark/Bule/Cyan Bone Natives attack from behind. In the chests around you are 5 more potions. But now the skeles attack! Get the 8 piles of goodies before you kill the enemies or you have no chance to get them... ever!

BONUS: Now a little thief comes out, turns off the fire, and steals 2 potions. You get 2 more back as well as the ones he stole. Turning the fire on is not *that* important. Notice he's all blackened from the soot!