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  • Magic Pots: +3
  • Food: ?
  • Bizarrians: ?
  • Boss: ?
  • Bonus Stage: Magic Pot x?, Food x4 (+1 per player)

Look out for bunches of grapes hidden all over this area. Some need to be cut down or even require a double jump to reach them. Their habit of glinting brightly usually gives them away. As you head towards the right, you auto-scroll into two Gold Soldiers. Kill them and knock down the two DA flags. Now drop down onto the lilypads and fight 7 Evil Trees in quick succession. Drop off the lilypads, and a Blue Thief carrying a single pot will head towards you. Head to the right, and another will pop out of that little door. Grab his pot too, and quickly! Head a little further, and yet another pops out! Head to the right and lots of little halfling villagers run past you. No matter what you try, you can't kill them.

Now as you head to the right you find out why they were running: up comes a Green/Yellow Bone Native, and a Purple/White Club Native on a Preying Mantis. You can slide down the clotheslines if you wish, and besides being fun you'll also hit the enemies (hopefully). After 3 slides, each line breaks. So, 6 goes and then it's all over. Now 3 Red/Yellow Bone Natives attack. Watch out for their alternate bow attack. Head right, where a Yellow Green Club Native tries to throw a burning boulder at you. It can be deflected, with skill. He is followd by another, and 2 Orange/White Club Natives wheel up burning catapults. Now two red Bone Natives attack.

Then 2 White/Yellow/Purple Bone Natives attack from in front while 2 White/Aqua/Yellow Club Natives throw burning boulders from behind. Then another White/Yellow/Purple Bone Native comes up from the right on a fighting scorpion. Be sure to ram to the left as you pass this little door, as a burning Green Thief runs out. Put out his fire for him, and grab the food he drops!

Climb the steps and a twig levitates in front of you. No it's not water divination, it's an Evil Tree! Move to the right and two more grow, one on each side of you. Next four more grow up around you. Watch for the sparkling grapes growing overhead. They don't restore much health, but it's better than nothing. Head right to get another hanging bunch, and two on the ground. Now another Evil Tree, and when you head to the right 5 more drop down from above and grow... Now you get picked up in a biiiig sack. Don't struggle, it does no good. Now you drop down into a campfire where 4 White/Yellow/Aqua Club Natives and 4 White/Yellow/Purple Bone Natives wait hungrily for your arrival. Pull the chain to the right to free the two Chicken Legs, who rush away and knock over some of your foes! Free the two midgets, who run away without giving you any pots. There are also two in a tree (jump-attack to free them). Now 2 Green/Yellow Club Natives and two Black/Blue/Aqua Spear (Bone) Natives attack, followed when dead by 3 White/Aqua/Yellow Club Natives with flaming boulders. A White/Yellow/Purple Bone Native joins them soon after. Now 3 barrels full of treasure await—BUT that pile of bones turns into... 3 Skeletons!

BONUS Stage: Bash the heck out of that bouncing hunk of meat to get 4 pieces of food! Each player also has a plate in front of them. So the more players, the more food!

MAP: "Seeing the enemies' town, we renewed our oach to save the villagers." (yes, it actually says "oach")