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  • Magic Pots: +4 (+2 BONUS Stage) (depends on SHOP purchases)
  • Food: +1? (depends on SHOP purchases)
  • Bizarrians: ?
  • Boss: Green Wild Woman ... Cyclops ... Bad Brothers
  • Bonus Stage: Magic Pot x?, Food x?

In this stage you will fight all of the previous bosses. Most are in pairs to be even more annoying. 4 Brown Soldiers and 2 Orange Clubmen attack all at once (so much for being quiet). Break the flags and head onwards to be attacked by 2 Blue Spear Soldiers while 2 Green Clubmen wheel up ballistae behind. Now 4 Blue Spear Soldiers try to pin you between them. Ready to spoil your fun, a Green Clubman rides up on a Flame Mantis. He is followed by 2 Cyan Clubmen with flaming boulders.

Green Wild Woman strategies[edit]

Shoot the spears into her, then finish her off with the Bizarrian.

Now walk past the brick wall. Jump off your Bizarrian and hack like crazy at the shops whenever they offer magic pots.

With the shops you don't have time to pick and choose. Just keep hacking or ramming at the stalls and hope that mainly potions get knocked down. Before long the shop owners will put up CLOSED signs. It is easier to shop if you jump off the Bizarrian (if you still have it), but be sure to hop back on it when the shops close. Treasure you picked up on the way here doesn't seem to affect how long the shops stay open, or alter the percentages of the merchandise they offer.

Food is less important. After about 6 items per player (a vague guesstimate) they say SOLD OUT.

Now reclaim your ride beast and head on to where a Green Clubman and Green Soldier are laughing evilly. Then 3 White Soldiers comes out of the inn to get you. 2 more White Soldiers and 2 super-rare Purple Clubmen are sleeping and joking outside the Cyclops enclosure. 2 more Purple Clubmen come out of the inn. Next of course the Cyclops breaks free and comes to whack you. You can go get that food Elf any time now. He only has a single scrap of meat.

Now a Green Soldier appears carrying a unique skull flag. He will throw this as a spear from a distance OR shove it in the ground and attack. 2 Red Soldiers attack next. Now move on to the chained women. Free them and keep to the left or you won't be able to collect the magic pots. The upper row gives 1, the lower gives 2. Now a Red Soldier and Red Clubman attack, while a Cyan Clubman wheels up a Crossbow.

Grab the crossbow and get ready to fry! A small army of 4 Purple Soldiers (one on a Zapping Scorpion) and 2 Red Clubmen attack. Swap for the Zapping Scorpion, as it has more range. Now you come across the Bad Brothers abusing a woman. She gives you a magic pot of course.

Red Brother II strategies[edit]

Now he's back for more! This time, simply hit him once then get out of his way. He will run away and smash through the door in order to escape. If you are in his path, you are mowed down.

Silver Brother strategies[edit]

Just keep beating him to death. Be sure to hit the Red Brother first, so he will run away like the chicken he is and bother you no further. Now you go into a room where 6 Green Soldiers, the Red Brother, and the Red Wild Woman are having din-dins.

Curiously enough, you can break the bar-stools. Next is the sleeping quarters, containing 6 Green Clubmen napping all over the place, and the Bad Brother again! It is unclear as to whether you can slide down this clothesline or not. In the next room, a dark reaper guy and the bad brother await. Bash about half of the reaper's health off to turn the lights back on. Then kill him. Suddenly the bars come down and you're trapped.

BONUS Stage: The Blue Thief steals 2 pots from each of you and holds 2 more. Press left and right or Attack repeatedly to break free, or as Goah see a cute little Gilius come out with a knife.

Unlike the tried-and-true "lock up the hero so he can then escape" levels of games such as Duke Nukem 3D and Dark Forces where capture means you lose all your gear, in this game you only lose the magic pots that drop if you let the Thief get away. If you do nothing, the stage will eventually end and you will be automatically freed from your captivity.

MAP: "We rescued all of the villagers, but some of them had been recaptured and taken to the Castle of Death-Adder!