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  • Magic Pots: ?
  • Food: ?
  • Bizarrians: ?
  • Boss: Yellow Reaper
  • BONUS Stage: Magic Pot x?, Food x?

First the old "come from behind" trick. 2 Green Clubmen, 2 Green Swordsmen, and a Red clubman attack from the rear. Smash the 9 skull posts after killing the sleeping Gold Clubman and Gold Swordsman. Two more Gold Clubmen come from behind, one with a Catapult.

Then you look at the DOOMED ONLY sign. Well, the whole blasted land of Yuria IS doomed if you don't defeat Death Adder so make yourself welcome after dealing to the unruly bouncers at the gate. Now an Aquamarine Clubman and two Purple Swordsmen attack you. Watch those graves, because in a moment a Skeleton comes out. Another rides up on a Bone Dragon.