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  • Magic Pots: ?
  • Food: ?
  • Bizarrians: ?
  • Boss: Death Adder's Shield // Death Adder // Final Death Adder
  • Bonus Stage: none, as the game ends

Now you fight Death Adder himself. Unlike in the last game the linking symbol has changed, turning him from Death=Adder into Death-Adder. Notice the snake insignia on the wooden floor panel? Suddenly, in a burst of flame, Death Adder rises out amidst smoke and flames! If by some magic chance you still had a bizarrian, you will notice that this is the one scene where you couldn't keep it throughout. Even if you could, you wouldn't have it for long!

Death Adder's Shield Strategies[edit]

No magic. Period. If you use magic at this point Death Adder's dragon shield will suck the bottles up and eats them before they can activate. It does not appear to give him a power boost or heal him in any way, but it's still very annoying to lose your hard-won bottles. If you look at the icon beside the health bar you will see the shield not Death Adder. You need to destroy his shield in order to be able to use magic against him.

Despite outward appearances, when Death Adder is knocked down you can use your magic! You have to be quick as the first thing he does when he gets up is to shove his shield in the air and ready it for more bottle-munching fun. Don't leave a gap between blasts if you intend to hit him with more than one type. If you repeatedly smack him with magic you can see him hilariously being pushed up and down in the air as you use magic, then he recovers and gravity takes over, only for him to be thrown around again! Death Adder's shield responds quite negatively to being hacked, rammed, or death-jabbed. Don't stand over DA when he gets up, as he has a split-second "invincible lunge" like all RODA bosses, and will knock you down before your blows register.

Don't stand right lined up with the mouth of the shield, as it will unleash either lightning or red-black flames on the hapless hero! Back-attacks would be the best option. Running jump over him, then come down behind him and smash him with a spinning attack. This works best with a friend or two. He is rarely stunned, but when he is take full advantage of this rare chance to death-jab him. With other players, you can execute the cooperative attack at this time (see Gameplay) or just all death-jab him at the same time.

Shieldless Death Adder Strategies[edit]

OK now nuke him with all your might. If he is knocked down at the time, let him get up and use his invincible lunge before hitting the Magic button. Watch out for his new half-circle Ring of Cloudy Evil spell. This can be avoided by jumping or using magic. A running jump gives the best chance of getting over it, as it is actually slightly wider at the points where it curves. When he is finally defeated you will flee the castle.

But wait, why aren't the credits rolling? Well, he's not quite dead yet! Up next is the final scene!