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Imil is the frozen town at the northern edge of the continent of Angara, where the first lighthouse is located. Fitting with this cold theme, it is the element of water and ice, Mercury, which makes its home here.


As soon you enter town, walk straight into the first house, and talk to the old man, located in the rear. His companion will run to his aid, and ask you to bring Mia. As you enter more houses, you'll discover that nearly everyone is sick, including the merchants. In the town is a frozen river, which has an ice puzzle on it. Before attempting this, push the snowman over the edge onto the ice with Move. Navigate the ice maze until you see a cave hidden in a frozen waterfall. Inside is the Mars Djinni, Fever. You can also obtain a vial from a treasure chest in the town. Upon paying a visit to the local sanctum, you'll learn that Mia is already on her way to the old man's house. So, head back to see her in action. She uses a psynergy spell called Ply to heal the old man. This immediately tips off your group that she is an adept. She starts talking, but a sudden burst of light sends her into a panic. She runs off to Mercury Lighthouse. Follow her, but not before taking the Empty Bottle from the red treasure chest in this home.


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Don't read this section until after completing Mercury Lighthouse.

Imil (after the lighthouse)[edit]

Once the beacon has been lit, return to town and enter the sanctum. Mia will say her goodbyes, and will be free to leave. Now that the waters are flowing, though, the shopkeepers are well, so be sure to check out the new content in stock.

Now, head back to Kolima Forest with your new Hermes' Water to tie up some loose ends.