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Healing items[edit]

Item name Description
Herb Replenishes 50 HP
Corn Replenishes 100 HP
Nut Replenishes 200 HP
Vial Replenishes 500 HP
Potion Replenishes all HP
Psy Crystal Restores all PP
Antidote Cure poison status
Elixir Cure delusion, stun, and sleep status
Water of Life Revive downed party member

Status Boosters[edit]

Item name Description
Power Bread Boost maximum HP
Cookie Boost maximum PP
Apple Boost attack power
Hard Nut Boost defensive power
Mint Boost agility
Lucky Pepper Boost luck

Offensive items[edit]

Item name Description
Smoke Bomb Veil an enemy's sight
Sleep Bomb Lull an enemy to sleep
Oil Drops Use to attack with fire power
Weasel's Claw Use to attack with wind power
Bramble Seed Use to attack with earth power
Crystal Powder Use to attack with water power

Other items[edit]

Item name Description
Sacred Feather Lowers random enemy encounters
Lucky Medal For use in Tolbi's Lucky Fountain
Game Ticket For use in minigames in Tolbi
Black Orb Controls the Lemurian Ship

Psynergy items[edit]

Item name Psynergy Description
Catch Beads Catch Grab items from trees
Lifting Gem Lift Lift boulders and other items
Orb of Force Force Slam magical energy into an object
Carry Stone Carry Carry along small objects
Frost Jewel Frost Freeze small puddles
Douse Drop Douse Fill holes in the ground with water
Cloak Ball Cloak Disappear in shadows
Halt Gem Halt Freeze a person in their tracks