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Kolima Forest is a rather complex maze that can be split into two sections. The goal is to reach Tret, a formerly kind giant tree that cares for the forest. He actually serves as the second half of the maze.

Outer Forest[edit]

Begin by taking the rightmost path and pushing the log into the water. It will float, making an extra platform that can be stood on. Head north, and then push one more log to take the exit on the left into a new map.

First, walk over to the tree (by pushing the log in front of you out of the way) and use Catch to grab the nut off of it. Push the log back to its original position and head down the path that it was blocking. Go to the left side of the map and you will see two logs at 90 degree angles to each other, separated by one character-width. Push the horizontal log down, and then pass through the path opened up to move past the vertical log without rolling it. Follow this path until it leads to an exit at the north.

This is where things start to get complicated. Head along a path to the right side (it's partially obscured by trees) until you are standing near the only vertical log. Push it to the left. Go up the northern path that was just opened until you are standing north of the horizontal log that the previous one just ran into. Push it south, then push the vertical log back to its original position. Now, head along the section that the vertical log was formerly blocking to push the second horizontal log down (it should only move 1 character width.) Now, push the first horizontal log to the north; this will clear the way so that you can push the vertical log into the water. Jump across the water by standing on the now-submerged vertical log, and follow the path up the stairs and back to the right. This will lead to another map.

On this map, several horizontal logs are floating in a pool of water, creating a bridge across; the only problem is that currently, they don't lead anywhere at all, but instead point to a stump on the opposite shore that you can't jump to. At the south edge of this map is a gate with a sign that reads, "Floodgate switch - Do not touch!" Well, to advance you're going to have to break this rule. Let all the water out, and you'll be able to roll the logs. There's also an item on the opposite shore; to reach it, you'll have to create a different path than you would to get across the water.

To get the item, roll both horizontal logs to the north, then move both of the vertical logs as far right as possible. Go up, and roll the rightmost horizontal log down so that it runs into it. Now, push the southernmost vertical log to the left, then push the leftmost horizontal log down so that it is even with the rightmost one. Close the floodgate and jump across. The item is the Fur Coat, a water-resistant equip. Once you have it, you can reset the logs by exiting the map and coming back in. Then follow the normal directions below.

To pass through, lower the floodgate switch. Roll the northernmost vertical log over one spot, then carefully exit, so as not to disturb the other logs. refill the water and jump across. In the next map, you will see Laurel, a giant tree that was seen talking to Tret in Kolima's cutscene. You can talk to him, but he doesn't have much to say. Walk to the right and you will see Tret. Again, you can talk but he has little of importance. Climb the vine next to him to begin the second portion of the maze.

Tret Tree[edit]

The inside of the guardian Tret. This section is mostly vertical in nature. The first floor is quite easy; just climb up the vine on the far left side. On the second floor, you will see spiderwebs covering the ground. Some of them have leaves on them, and some don't; those with leaves can be stepped on, but only once. So, you must choose your path carefully. Go to the furthest point south, and jump across three leaves. Then, jump to the north on to solid ground. walk to the right and through the next door.

You will find yourself on a branch on the exterior of the tree. There is a "bubble of visibility" around your character which lets you see through the leaves near you. Head straight out to the right to the end of the branch, ignoring sidepaths, until you see a vine to climb up to the next level. On the next branch, head to the left and reenter the tree through this new door. Walk along the wall until you reach the left side spiderweb with a leaf on it, near the Psynergy stone. You can grab the stone if you need it, but it's not worth falling through the floor for if you don't. Move carefully between the two sets of spider webs until you are standing next to the rightmost one. There are two options once you are standing on the leaf: Head for a chest, or progress. If you go for the chest, you'll fall down one floor and have to walk back. The chest contains the Healing Ring, which will heal 70HP for free an indefinite amount of times, so it's a worthwhile endeavor to grab it. Occasionally it will break while using it, but this can be repaired at a weapon or armor shop easily. Once you're back, just jump past the chest and climb up the vine.

The next floor is quite simple, just walk outside and onto the tree, and then as far right as possible until you see the vine, same as before. This time, though, go up the sidepath on the top branch. At the end is the Jupiter Djinn, Breeze. Now, two of your characters should have one, and the other (Preferably Ivan) should have two. Go back down the sidepath and enter the door on the left side of the branch. Inside is a treasure chest, and several leaves on a big spiderweb; just jump onto them and fall through the floor. When you are on the floor below, head out the exit on the left side by taking a northern route. You'll be outside on the branches once more, but this time on the left side. Take the bottom fork of the branch to the end and then climb the vine up once again. Walk down the new branch into the tree once again, and you'll find yourself on the side opposite where you were before. Go to the northern part of the tree and jump south onto the leaves on spiderwebs. Go down again, then to the left, and then down once more. Now, turn around and jump back to the one you were just on; you will fall through the floor, into the center hole that has been on every floor of the tree so far. You'll land at the lowest floor, where Tret is. Save here; you're about to have a boss fight.

Boss Battle: Tret[edit]

Tret looks like a giant skull surrounded in blue flames, like a giant Will Head. Not surprisingly for a tree, he uses Venus (earth) type Psynergy, so Isaac's attacks won't be that effective. While he may not look like much, he's a good bit stronger than the bandits from before. It is recommended to use your Djinn's attacks first, and then summons on him afterwards. Have Isaac physically attacking and healing as need be. Garet's fire does wonders on him, so if you have already gained Volcano, use it to its fullest potential. Tret enjoys picking on Ivan, so be sure to watch his health. Also, beware of his "Sleep Star" attack; it hits all party members, and though the odds of it are low, the entire party could potentially be disabled. Other than that, it's still a fairly easy fight, and once Tret is defeated, there is a short cutscene. He has grown weak, and though he attempts, he is unable to restore the people of Kolima to their human forms. This is all you can do for them for now; Climb out of Tret and exit the forest, preferably through the use of Isaac's Retreat.

Before continuing on your journey, it's advisable to rest up and restock in Bilibin. You'll have to pass by it anyway, and with the dungeon spoils you just may have enough to buy any new weapons you couldn't before.

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Return to Kolima Forest[edit]

After obtaining Hermes' Water from the now lit Mercury Lighthouse, you have what you need to cure Tret's illness. As you pass by the Bilibin Barricade, you'll notice that the once tall tree was actually 3 children who were standing on each others shoulders when transformed. The bottom tree/person couldn't hold the weight anymore, and the others fell into the river. You have a choice: You can save the tree from getting washed down stream by using Move, or let it go. Neither outcome has a huge effect on the storyline, but why let innocents die when you don't have to? Just step into the water and use move to pull the tree towards you, and it will start moving slowly to the right on its own after that. Think of it as a good deed for the day and continue on to Kolima Forest.

Navigate the forest once more, and return to Tret. Talk to him, then use the Hermes' Water. He will become restored, and then return everyone who is a tree back to their human state. You discover in doing so that it was the Psynergy stones blown out of Mt. Aleph during its' eruption that gave him the power to turn people into trees. When the people of Bilibin came to Kolima for materials for Lady McCoy's house, they incited his rage and everyone in range became a tree. Monsters no longer appear in Kolima Forest once this is completed, and the residents of Kolima are back to normal. You should pay them a visit.