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Suhalla is a small town sitting on the edge of the desert. It is the northernmost town on the continent of Gondowan, and the first you visit.


As soon as you walk in to town, you will see a small plant. You can use Growth on it to ascend, but there is only a child up there. There is a potion store here, but no weapon or armor shops. Head south and enter a building in the lower right corner of town. Two soldiers are lying on beds, and Iodem will talk to them. They were supposed to be guarding Sheba, but she was lost in the desert. After the cutscene, exit the building, and head north towards the sanctum. Walk down the right side of the building and jump across the water. Carefully walk to the left and collect the treasure chest for a Hard Nut. Now you can go on to the Suhalla Desert whenever you are ready.