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Tolbi is one of the largest towns in the game, and is home to the Colosso tournament, a Romanesque gladiatorial combat event. Tolbi is ruled by Babi, a mysterious man who has been leading the city for over a hundred years.

Tolbi Docks[edit]

Once the ship lands, you can depart. Before leaving the dock area, you will see two tall boxes. Move one of them two places to the left, and the other 1 spot to the left. Climb up the stairs and jump across to get a treasure chest containing a Potion. Once this is done, you can go on to Tolbi.

Before heading to Tolbi, though, consider walking west, and then north. You can now walk all the way around the Karagol Sea and reach Kalay Docks from the opposite side, where the Venus Djinni is. Once you get there, walk in, talk to it, and add Ground to your collection. Now walk back around to Tolbi. Head west across one bridge, and then continue across another bridge. This should put you in a small area on the edge of the continent. Walk around until you are engaged by a random battle with a Mercury Djinni. Defeat it, and you now have Hail.


Tolbi is a town so big, it puts even Kalay to shame. As soon as you walk into town, you'll see the weapon and armor shops. Before visiting them, however, walk north, until you approach a man standing at the water fountain. Talk to him, and he will initiate a minigame. Here, you can finally use all those Lucky Medals you've gathered. Investigate the water by pushing A button, and it will all drain out. A menu will appear asking whether you want to throw a coin or a medal in. When you choose either, Isaac will turn around and throw the item backwards. It will roll to a stop and you will get a prize relative to how close to the center you got it. See the Minigames page for more details, and a list of prizes.

After you've exhausted all your lucky medals, and hopefully won some nice equipment, check out the weapon and armor stores. From the item shop, walk left and you'll see a circle of stones. Use Reveal to find a treasure chest in the center and collect Power Bread. Move North and go up the stairs to trigger a short cutscene. Two soldiers will approach and ask you if you have seen a person. You can't possibly have seen him yet, so tell them no and they will run off. Before following them, run to the west and enter a small house above the inn. This is the gaming parlor, where you can use those Game tickets you have accrued over your journey. It is essentially slots, where you can bet several tickets for a higher chance of winning. More info can be found on the Minigames page.

After exiting the Slots area, you'll see a Mars Djinni hiding in the alley. To get it, go back to the very entrance of the town, and carefully walk right outside of the town's walls, near the trees. Trade one Venus djinni from Isaac for a Mars Djinni from Garet, then use Growth on the small plant. Climb up the new vine and Frost the puddle atop. Climb back down and walk over near the inn again. Go onto the Ice Pillar and jump across to collect Ember. There's one more minigame in Tolbi, the "Lucky Dice" game. It's in a hut between the inn and the Spring. see the Minigames page for more details.

Once you've finished trying all the minigames and collected Ember, walk to the left side of town and head north down the path the soldiers took.

Babi's Palace[edit]

Babi is missing, but since it's Colosso season, anyone can enter the mansion. Inside is a free inn, with a short cutscene of the party saying goodnight. Keep exploring the area, and talk to the NPCs. Most of the guards are out searching for Babi, or working on the Lighthouse. If you ascend the central stairs and walk down the hallway on the second floor, another cutscene will begin. Iodem, Babi's friend and servant, is commanding the search for him. Walk down the left hall and go downstairs to see a laboratory. By talking to the scientists, you will discover that Kraden once worked here as well. In one of the jars is a Hard Nut, so use Reveal to find it. Go back up and travel down the right hallway. Ascend the stairs to find Sheba being held here. Use Mind Read to get her attention, but she shrugs it off. Go back down the stairs as far as possible to enter the Colosseum Tunnel. Follow the path to find yourself in the Colosseum for the trials. By talking to members of the crowd, you'll get to see some of the tests. After you've finished, go back to Babi's Palace, then to Tolbi.

Leave the town and head west, then north across a few bridges to reach Altmiller Cave.