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Golden Sun begins in the village of Vale. Isaac is woken up by his mother, who takes him outside, and then you meet Isaac’s father. After a short conversation, you are directed south, to the plaza.

Attempting to go south via the two obvious staircases results in boulders blocking your path. Going north brings you to your second party member – Garet. Follow the path around and cross the bridge, and then go down the stairs. At this point, the boulder starts to fall. It is kept in place by a team of adepts – for now. After going down the stairs, you will find you cannot go south, so instead, go left.

A battle with a bat and vermin.

Follow the area around, until you find a man lying on the ground. Talk to him. Now, be on your guard – this area is now full of monsters. The monsters you will encounter here are Vermin, Bats and Wild Mushrooms. These monsters pose little threat and can easily be defeated by using your normal attacks. If you need to heal, Isaac is carrying three herbs, and Garet carries another two.

Go south, down the stairs, and then head right into the next area. Go south, and down both sets of stairs. A cut scene starts, and you see Felix in the river, clinging to a pole. Dora sends you and Jenna south, to the plaza, to get help. Go south, up the stairs, then across the bridge. Go right, and into the next area. Here, head south, and down three sets of stairs.

You soon see a house with two signs on its roof – a potion bottle and herb on one, and a sword and shield on another. You are now in the plaza. Head south to trigger another cut scene.

One of the villagers sends you back to Felix with another villager to help out. Backtrack until you reach the area with Felix in the river again. Cross the bridge, and yet another cut scene starts. The boulder falls.

Isaac is now the only character in your control. Again, go south, and across the bridge.

The mysterious man and woman.

Two mysterious people will appear and no matter how you answer their questions, they will attack! You will be flattened within the first two or three turns by their superior abilities – don’t worry – this is the only battle in the game you can lose. After they have defeated you, they disappear and you black out…