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The next town you'll visit is Xian, another area styled after Chinese culture, much like Fuchin Temple was. This is a significant town in the world of Weyard, serving as the primary production source of Silk and other goods.


When you first enter the town, you'll immediately see a Mercury Djinni perched up on a ledge. To reach it, wait for the girl carrying water from near the waterfall to pass by the second door leading into the stone wall. Talk to her, and she will spill it, leaving a puddle on the grass. Freeze this puddle, then go up the stairs and jump across to get Mist. If you mess up and she spills it in the wrong place, just enter a building and come out.

There's many new good weapons available here, so get as many upgrades as you can. When upgrading, keep in mind that though the swords from the store may beat your current one by a few attack points, they lack the unleash ability that found swords do. Weigh the benefits of each carefully, but as a general rule a standard weapon needs to be around 9 attack points better to warrant upgrading.

Once you've finished changing weapons and healing up, go to the building at the northeastern side of the town, up a few stairs. Inside is a fighting dojo where people are training their Chi, the energy of the body. One will challenge you to knock over a log from a distance; stand at the white line, aim, and use Force. He will be so shocked that he'll ask you to repeat it again, this time for the whole dojo. As they go to get the dojo master, a girl will run out of the building as the master screams for her to wait. She is Feizhi, and claims to have the power to predict the future and sense evil. In reality, she is another adept. They have a short argument and she runs out the door. Then, master Feh will walk over and see what you have done. He will ask you to do the same thing again so that he can watch. After knocking it over once more, they will send someone to get the dojo's master to watch. He will suddenly realize where you gained the power, and explain the difference between "Ki" (mind power, aka Psynergy.) and "Chi", the power of the body.

As you finish here, you will see Feizhi standing by the exit. As you approach, she asks a question, and if you respond with a "yes," she will say that you should travel west. Reading her mind will reveal her true intentions. Don't mind her too much, though, and leave the town when ready.

World map, near Xian[edit]

Head north of Xian across a bridge. Continue north along a peninsula covered with trees until you see a bridge leading to an island area. Wander around in the wilderness on this island to trigger a battle with a Mars Djinni, Corona. Defeat it to add it to your collection, rounding things out to 3 of each type.