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Naming Felix[edit]

Name Felix.

The first step to creating a new game is naming Felix. When you have named Felix, select End.

It is possible to choose names for the other characters in your party and also the characters in Isaac's party.

  • To choose names for Jenna, Sheba, and Piers, press Select button three times in a row while you are naming Felix.
  • To name Garet, Ivan, and Mia, enter the following button sequence: Up dpad, Down dpad,Up dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad, Right dpad, Left dpad, Right dpad, Up dpad, Right dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad, Up dpad, Select button.

Transfer data from Golden Sun[edit]

Transfer data.

You now have a Yes or No question asking you if you want to Transfer Data from Golden Sun. By answering "No" you will be taken to the next screen. In this case, Isaac and his teammates will start at Level 28, with basic equipment, and 20 of the first game's 28 Djinn. You can always choose to transfer later before meeting them in game story.

If you answer "Yes", you can choose which method you want to use to transfer your game.

The first option is "Password". To use this option, you have to get the password from the original Golden Sun. For the password method, you can choose which level of password to use: Gold, Silver or Bronze. Once you have the password you will have to enter the password character by character. When you are finished, submit the password and the game will accept or deny the password.

The gold-level password is very long, with 260 characters arranged into six pages. This password transfers your character's levels, djinn, stats, items and coins. The silver-level is shorter (only two pages) and transfers the levels, djinn and stats. The bronze-level is very short and only transfers levels and djinn. Which level you choose depends on how much you want to type into your Game Boy and how much you want your old party back.

The second option is "Link". All you need is to find another GBA and set your Golden Sun cartridge, connect them with data wire, and turn on that GBA to transfer data directly.

Naming Isaac[edit]

Name Isaac.

You will now be asked to name Isaac. Once you have named Isaac, select End.

That's about it for creating a new game, both characters can keep their original names Felix and Isaac if you don't feel creative enough to make your own.