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The tidal wave was pretty big - there are a lot of pools of water around that will make getting to anywhere just that little bit more annoying. Often in towns there are random items (most of which are useless) available for free by raiding people's houses and rummaging through all their stuff (especially in barrels and pots). There are the occasional good finds, and it's even better when they never say a word of complaint. This guide won't mention every single item to be had, just the good ones. For now, at the very top of the town (past the Mayor's House) there's a Herb in a solitary pot. You can buy equipment from the shop if you feel so inclined, but it's best not to waste your money in case you want to buy something more expensive. When you're ready (feel free to talk to some of the townspeople, and invade their minds with Mind Read), leave Daila to the south.

On the world map, you'll see a floating red-white blob. It's Echo, the Venus Djinni! Like the original game, this is your first Djinni, and it will give you instructions on how to use it if you want. You can't progress with the game unless you accept it, so go ahead. Once you've got it, head west, and follow the path around the mountains, until you reach Kandorean Temple.