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The weeds on the floor here are what Cyclone clears. Set Cyclone to a Psynergy Shortcut. Don't use it on either the spiral hole that's already there or the patch of weeds to the top-left. Instead, go around so you're just within range of the weeds inside the rocks, and use Cyclone to descend a level. Here, save your game and fight the Venus Djinni. If it runs, you'll have to leave the cavern and return to the top level so you can get back to it. Defeat Mud to have it join you, then Set it to Felix and give Piers the Mercury Djinni that he had. Slide down the groove, then climb up the ladder and go around the path to the right and exit to the north. Back on this floor, use Cyclone on the top-left weed patch to uncover a Cyclone portal.

Head around the long path to the left and go through the door at the top. In here, use Cyclone on the patch of weeds to uncover a Mint. Head north, descend the ladder, and use Cyclone on the patch of weeds to uncover a puddle. Freeze it with Frost then go back up and jump across. The weeds at the top of the room form the Reveal symbol (you'd be even more puzzled otherwise - using Cyclone uncovers six random puddles). Use Reveal and head down the stairs.

Head left to the river. Ignore the left-hand exit of the river; instead, weave your way in-between the rocks up the river (the path can be a little hard to see) until you can get off further up on the left-hand side. Go down to the weeds and use Cyclone to uncover a puddle. Freeze this, then go back down to the lower left exit of the river. Go up the ladder to the left and hop across to the stairs.

Go down the ladder and use Cyclone on the weeds to uncover a Mad Plant, which attacks you. It's a bit like a Mimic - tougher than an ordinary enemy but not as hard as a boss. Beat it to get a Game Ticket. Climb up the ladder further ahead and you will encounter the GG again. It'll give you the Tomegathericon (I didn't spell that wrong) which is the third class-changing item. Once you've got it, Retreat to the exit and leave Kimbombo (use the Inn etc. if you need to). Now, head back around Indra and get off on the beach east of the Shrine of the Sea God.

Getting the Sea God's Tear[edit]

Go past the cave to the Shrine of the Sea God and enter Daila. Go up to the Sanctum (the big building at the north of the town). Climb down the ladder and use Frost on the two left puddles. Climb back up and go round. Jump across the frozen puddles to get the Sea God's Tear. Leave Daila and go back to the Shrine of the Sea God.