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There is a lot of room for customization in Luminary, so pick your build to meet your needs.

First of all, there are several types of builds. Most commonly people will think of creating a character around their weapon proficiency, however some people may choose harvesting and pet skills over weapon proficiency.

For main characters, everyone will want to max out a weapon skill, and then probably use the rest of their skill points for horse, pet, or harvesting skills. With weapon proficient characters, the weapon chosen and the stats focused on gives different results on how characters must be played and what they will be able to do at the end of the game.

In the case of alternative harvesting characters, basic skill levels would be used on the desired skills (i.e. mining technique, capture technique, etc.) rather than weapon technique, and all weapon skill would be developed through usage. Most commonly this sort of build is used for alternative characters to make money and harvest items faster. This sort of build also has low level requirements, since money and books can be mailed to other characters for quickly boosting the basic requirements (a level 1 character can have 30 skill in any manufacturing skill).

Keep in mind that the total number of skill points you have at the top level is (someone fill this in!).


Strength is the main focus and requirement for an axe user. Since strength dictates what equipment you can use and bonus damage, most users prefer high strength based builds.

Remember that the best axe currently available requires 170-180 strength (Earthquake is not available for Ijji as of yet) and with it you'll be doing a minimum damage of about 300-350, criting at around 700-900 damage.

High Strength/Agil, Low HP[edit]

  • Stats: 170+ Strength, 150+ Agility, and extra points in Vitality.

High Strength/HP, Low Agil[edit]

Medium Strength, Medium HP, Medium Agil[edit]

Medium Strength, High Agil, Low HP[edit]

Medium Strength, Low Agil, High HP[edit]


Bows are a ranged weapon with moderate damage. The most important stat for someone using a bow is Agility (Agi). Agi will allow for better accuracy and evade skill. Agi will be the primary stat you need to put points into. Strength is only important for armor so choose the highest armor you will be going into and put only that amount into strength. Wisdom should be left alone and just use a mount for extra wisdom. Vitality should be used for the rest (you will need to decide how much hp you want eventually because it will reduce how much you are able to put into your Agility).

    • NOTE: This is not entirely accurate, there is no mention of DEX, which is necessary in order to hit what you're shooting at!

Dex is for manufacturing, so you DO NOT need to add DEX


All canes have a range of 5. Using canes requires a lot of MP, so pump up Wisdom. You'll also need to maintain a significant amount of Agility if you hope to hit your targets. Like most builds, you should only increase vitality as needed.


Guns are ranged weapons that increase in range as they become more expensive. A good build improves your character with lots of Strength for maximum damage, Vitality to help keep you alive while your range is short, and Agility to meet equipment requirements and so you don't miss.


Spears are close range weapons that have high damage (Although not as good as the axe) and has a fast paced attack speed (Again not as good as a sword).

When making a build for a spear user you need to do the following:

Nothing needs to be put onto Magic as using spears requires none at all.

You want to go for a really high level of strength, following behind is vitality by one third of strength. Having agility at one third of strength.

This build allows for you to wear the proper armor to defend ones self, use the spears, and adds extra damage to your attacks. You will also hit your enemies more often then not, while they will hit you less. But for when they do hit you, you have high health to survive longer.

It is also recommended that you make your own spears as it will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Swords are weak but the speed makes up for it, one of the most expensive weapons in the game.

After every level, add 3 points to STR, and 1 to VIT, then, the next level, 2 points to STR, 1 to DEX, and 1 to VIT. Continue this pattern until your DEX reaches 100 and then just add 3 points to STR and 1 to VIT after every level.