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Ijji's Halloween Witch Hat[edit]

  • Title: "Complete the Magic Lamp quests to win the Witch hat!"
  • Description: "Complete the Magic Lamp Halloween Quest during the event period to win the Witch hat for 1 week."
  • Dates available: 10/24/07 - 11/07/07

To earn a Witch Hat:

  1. Every day at 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm Pacific time, every user who is in game and level 10 or above will receive a Magic Lamp item. These "drawings" are highly announced - bright yellow words will appear on screen 10 minutes in advanced warning you that you need an open slot to receive a Magic Lamp. If you don't have any open inventory spaces you won't get one.
  2. Open the lamp (PC Mouse Right Click.png) to receive a random quest (such as killing 245 Dung Flies or farming).
  3. If you complete the quest, you'll receive a character (a letter) for spelling a word.
  4. Collect all of the characters (there are 8) to complete the word and you'll earn a hat (it appears in your inventory once all of them are collected).