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After installing GoonZu Online or Luminary, you'll first have to choose a server and then create a character on that server. If you have any friends playing, make sure you choose the same server!


Each server is a separate world of GoonZu. Everything you do and create on one server will not be able to be viewed, manipulated, or interacted with whatsoever on another server.

The servers for Global GoonZu are
  1. Zeus
The servers for Ijji are
  1. Hera
  2. Athena


When you begin, you get to choose from four character avatars; there is no difference between any of them aside from how they look. Choose a gender, and then the look you like best (eastern or western). There are no preset classes or restrictions, you will define your character by selecting leveling up skills.

User Interface[edit]

In the top left you have your character portrait, health, mana, and experience bars. Slightly to the right of that is your Marbles ([M]) display, and then on the far top right is where your minimap usually sits.

At the bottom left you'll see the chat menu where you can pick what chat type you want to use, various emoticons to display, and you can expand the chat menu to various heights, or minimize it out of sight.

In the bottom middle and right you'll see many buttons in regards to menus.


For more details on mentors, see GoonZu Online/Mentoring.

One of the first things you'll be shown is a list of mentors to choose from. Mentors are actual players who choose to help new and low level players. Being a mentor and being mentored are completely voluntary, and both are nice things to do for the community. Higher level players help low level players with information and sometimes equipment, whereas the mentee will automatically reward the mentor as they rise in level.


For more details on stats, see GoonZu Online/Builds.

Everyone starts with 5 of every stat, thus everyone begins with 20 HP and 20 MP.

  • Agility: For every point you have in agility, your chance to hit and dodge attacks increases by a small percent. The chance to hit also applies to magic attacks.
  • Dexterity: Increases your chance of creating premium items when manufacturing. You cannot apply bonus points to dexterity.
  • Luck: Increases your chance of getting better drops when hunting. You cannot apply bonus points to luck.
  • Strength: For every 5 points of Strength, you receive +1 to your minimum and maximum damage. Strength is also a major requirement for being able to equip items.
  • Vitality: For every point you have in vitality, your maximum HP increases by 4.
  • Int: For every point you have in wisdom, your maximum MP increases by 4. Wisdom also gives bonus damage to magic attacks.


For more details on skills, see GoonZu Online/Skills.

Skills govern your ability to perform various actions. Skill levels come in two forms: basic skill level, and experience skill level. They, like your character level, level up. The difference though is that together both skills add up to a total amount of 100 possible skill levels, a maximum of 30 from basic skills, and a maximum of 70 from experience skills. Since all of your skills start at zero, you usually have to read a skill book to gain that initial skill level (manufacturing skills always let you create the most basic item without a skill level). Most skills, however, require five skill points before any real use can come out of them (such as manufacturing skills).


From time to time you may see high level players with a glowing name plate above them with the word "Artisan." These appear to show you who is the best manufacturer currently logged into the server for that type of manufacturing.

To become an artisan, you must have at least level 30 total skill in that manufacturing. The person who gets the glowing name plate is the one with the highest character level.


Combat occurs when either you attack a monster or player, or an aggressive monster or player attacks you.

Fighting Monsters

When you attack something (use PC Mouse Left Click.png), you will strike first and then the monster will counter. Combat is automatic, and both parties involved will continue to fight until one or the other is dead; however you can choose to run away at any time. Remember, you can heal with items!

You'll see little messages and numbers pop up above you and the monster: blue numbers and messages are regarding your strikes, while red ones are the monster’s. While fighting, either your hit will connect or it will miss; when you or the monster you're fighting misses a large "MISS" in the appropriate color will appear.

Aggressive monsters (all bosses except Doma Pig) will attack you if you're too close to them so watch out! If you get attacked, you will not counter unless you order your character to do so - know however that aggressive monsters tend to be very powerful.

Player Versus Player (PVP)
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For more details on experience and experience tables, see GoonZu Online/Experience.

Experience comes in two types: your character's overall experience that determines your level, and your individual skill experience.

Overall experience is gained by killing monsters, completing quests, and manufacturing items.

Skill experience is gained when you use something governed by the skill. For weapon and farming skills, the skill experience increases as you fight with that weapon or harvest crops. For manufacturing skills, experience is gained solely by manufacturing items. A failed item will not give any experience.

Doma Pig[edit]

Many new players to Luminary will be confused when they first see Doma Pig. He's a giant, demon like monster that walks around taunting players with reverse psychology. Although labeled as level 1, in actuality this is a very strong monster. If you attack Doma Pig, he will strike back and kill you, which is why he says "Don't hit me if you are a hunter."

Doma Pig is Luminary's method at catching people using programs ("macro" users) to automatically help them play the game for abnormally long periods of time. Basically, Doma Pig spawns when a player kills a lot of monsters in one area at one time. After a short amount of time, he will automatically die and dissolve into the ground.

Elemental Stones[edit]

Elemental stones are rare items that randomly drop from monsters. These stones are only used for two things: crafting a few items, and enchanting. Since they drop randomly, even the lowest level players will earn them! Know that people will try and scam you for them, and that the market price is usually around 2,500,000M to 10,000,000M.


For more details on enchanting, see GoonZu Online/Enchanting.

Enchanting is a process that lets you give a weapon or piece of armor an elemental bonus. This bonus will either be a damage bonus, or a defense bonus, depending on whether it's a weapon or a piece of armor. Usually enchanting ends up costing more than it would to just buy a better item, however at higher levels enchanting can be very useful. Additionally, enchanted items can be enchanted, thus enabling you to continue to increase the power of an item - remember, though, that enchantments can fail and that each item has a specific maximum enchant level that can be reached.