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Patch 271 - 11/20/07[edit]

  • Thanksgiving Event from 11/20 until 12/4. Players can hunt Turkeys for random items that can be used as ingredients for Turkey Dishes.
  • Turkey Dish is a cookable item made of 1xTurkey Meat, 5xCranberry, 3x Rosemary, 1xBread, 3xGarlic, 5xPotato
  • 42 Turkey monsters regenerate every six hours at 2:00, 8:00, 14:00, and 20:00 GMT.

Patch 265 - 10/25/07[edit]

  • New patch loader, log in screen, and select screen.
  • Halloween Event: Pumpkin Quest. Prize for completing: 1xHalloween Hat. To get one, complete the magic Pumpkin quest, then collect the magic letters and combine them to complete the quest. You will get a Halloween Hat randomly as your prize.
  • Book Box: Gives random skill books.