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For more details on skill experience levels, see GoonZu Online/Experience.

Skills govern your ability to perform various actions. Skill levels come in two forms: basic skill level, and experience skill level. They, like your character level, level up. The difference though is that together both skills add up to a total amount of 100 possible skill levels, a maximum of 30 from basic skills, and a maximum of 70 from experience skills. Since all of your skills start at zero, you have to read a skill book to gain that initial skill point. Most skills, however, require five skill points before any real use can come out of them.

Basic skill levels are gained by reading books associated with that specific skill. For example, to learn your Axe Technique skill, you would need to read an Axe Technique [BGN] book. Even though the maximum skills gained from books is 30, you cannot read only [BGN]'s to get there. As you'll find, there are three tiers of skill books: BGN (beginner), INT (intermediate), and ADV (advanced). Each tier constitutes usage between a range of skill levels; with BGN being 0-10 (you will have 10 points when you have read 10 books), INT being 10-20, and ADV being 20-30.

Experience skill levels are gained by using the skill. Weapon skills gain experience by fighting with a weapon of that type equipped, manufacturing skills are increased by creating items of that type, and other skills are increased by doing whatever they allow you to do.

Overall skill level determines the percentage rate of success with that skill. Remember that when manufacturing items, if you have a success rate that is lower than 100%, then there is always a chance that you will fail at making that item.

Skill Points (SP)[edit]

Every time your character gains a level, you will earn 1 skill point. Skill points are required to read books of various skills.

There are some misconceptions that all books require SP to read, however this is false. Technique skills, such as weapon techniques and the ability to farm and mine require SP, but every other skill does not (such as all manufacturing skills and pet skills).


From time to time you may see high level players with a glowing name plate above them with the word "Artisan." These appear to show you who is the best manufacturer currently logged into the server for that type of manufacturing.

To become an artisan, you must have at least level 30 total skill in that manufacturing. The person who gets the glowing name plate is the one with the highest character level.


Farming or harvesting skills center around professions that focus on getting specific items and require long periods of time to receive those items.

Each of the three skills, Fishing, Farming, and Mining have specific item types that they acquire.

Item manufacturing[edit]

Weapon Technique[edit]

For each weapon type (axe, bow, cane, gun, spear, and sword) there is a skill that promotes its usage (axe technique, bow technique, etc.).

To increase weapon technique skills, you can read books or use the weapon. Books are not required for use, but significantly increase their damage. Weapon skill is especially important for cane users, because it enhances their spell damage.

At certain levels you will gain a bonus for having a high level skill in the weapon technique:

  • Level 30: Your strikes cause a small green circle to appear.

Other Skills[edit]