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In every MMORPG the community eventually develops its own set of abbreviations and terminology for discussing the various elements of the game.

The following is a list of terms and their descriptions.

Term Description
bgn/int/adv These are the abbreviations for talking about skill books (i.e. Axe Manufacturing [BGN]). "Bgn" stands for beginner, int stands for intermediate, and adv stands for advanced.
Agil/Dex/Luk/Str/Wis Shortened versions of agility, dex, luck, strength, and wisdom.
Axer/Bower/Caner/Gunner/Spearer/Sworder Although grammatically incorrect, these terms are often used to refer to people who use those weapons.
Critical Hits/Criticals/Crits Regarding critical hits. Critical hits are those random bright explosions that occur when you strike an enemy. Not only are they flashy, but the damage dealt is doubled. Notice that the number that appears is also larger than normal to emphasize this difference.
Farm/farming This has two meanings: it can be used literally in regards to the farming skill, but it can also reference the act of grinding or killing large amounts of monsters for the sake of harvesting or farming items from them.
Grinding A term used to describe the act of killing monsters for a long period of time.
GM This is a common abbreviation across many games for "Game Moderator." GM's are the people who are given special abilities to help control the game if there's anything wrong (hackers, etc.).
Mentor A mentor is someone who is supposed to help and guide you as you level up. If you ever have questions, you should turn to your mentor. Mentors and mentoring is not required and is solely beneficial to the mentor (however good mentors will reward their mentees). For more information about mentors, please see GoonZu Online/Gameplay.
RP/rp Reputation Points. These are gained in several ways, however they are difficult to receive. The most common way is by getting someone to place your name in the recommender box when they make their first character. You can also get reputation points by having someone click on the scale symbol (under their image on a post) on the Ijji forums.