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For more details on the basics, see GoonZu Online/Getting Started.

If you can't find the answer to your question or would like more information on a topic please read the information on the appropriate page first (Getting Started, controls, experience, etc.) and then if you are still unsure you can post a question on any of the GoonZu talk pages (preferably Talk:GoonZu Online).

The Basics[edit]

Most of this is already covered in GoonZu Online/Getting Started more thoroughly, so please check there for more information.

What is a mentor and how do I get one?[edit]

I'm lost. How do i get back to the place where i started?[edit]

Use the function of teleport back to Hanyang under the Ability menu (HotKey A).

Where do I see the amount of money I have?[edit]

Refer to the top right side of your client, your money is labeled in between the bag and [M] (Stands for Marble, ingame currency)

I'm broke. What do i do?[edit]

All in all, it's about Supply and Demand in this game. If no one buys a particular stuff, it has a low price. The most basic way of earning money is killing monster and the system will loot their drops automatically and you get to see their market price; if you see a particular drop with decent amount of market price, then you might want to go to "Game Info" located at the bottom of the client and search for the item in order to look for the monsters that drops it. Afterward, you go to the "Monster" list and click on each of the monster to determine their strength, drop percentage as well as spawning location. This is important because you will want it to be efficient, and sometimes you can find the monster in town's hunting ground which can be checked at "Game Info">Town Info>Click on "Town List" and it will show a dropdown bar, just change it to "hunting ground". When you click on each of the town it will tell you what monster ONLY will spawn in the hunting ground area of the town; this is accessible in the town itself, just look for the building for entrance.

How can I earn money?[edit]

How to play the OX quiz?[edit]

Where is Court Maid/Ming Merchant/Janggeum/Court Army Detective?[edit]

I'm hungry. What should I eat? Where can I get food?[edit]

Well consider eating skewers cheap and satisfying or do some quests then get Japaneses dumplings very filling

How do I get a pet?[edit]

Buy Evil Raccoon Dolls In Market at level 20

How do I send and receive items using the mail system?[edit]

How do I whisper to someone who is not in my friends list?[edit]

You can "tell" someone by typing "/t CharacterName YourMessage" without quotes and then pressing enter.

My inventory/items menu has disappeared, how can I get it back?[edit]

There are two ways:

  1. Press Alt+I
  2. Click the button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen labeled, "Inventory."

Items, Skills, and Statistics[edit]

Where do I buy arrows and bullets and how do I use them?[edit]

You can buy them from the girl in Hanyang. To use them, open your equipment menu (Alt+E) and click once on the ammo, and then once more on the empty equipment slot next to your weapon.

When is double exp time/double production time?[edit]

It is varied between servers.

How do I find artisans to make my weapon/armor/etc?[edit]

Will tools disappear after I use them?[edit]

No, not until their expiration date come up. (which is anywhere from 1 to 30 days)

When and how do I get a horse?[edit]

When you reach level 15 you should receive a small medal which you can use to get a horse. You'll only receive the horse if your inventory is not full.

How do you use a horse's inventory?[edit]

When and how do I get a warehouse? How do i renew my warehouse?[edit]

If I forget to renew my warehouse and it's revoked, what happens to all my items?[edit]

When and how do I get a pet summon?[edit]

You must be level 20, have at least level 1 summoning skill and one summon doll to be able to summon a pet. Pets require varying levels of summoning skills, which you can see at any time by viewing the monster's info.

Are there any guilds/clans in this game?[edit]


Why is that artisan taking ages to make my "weapon/armor/etc"?[edit]

What is Artisan PD?[edit]

Where is Wungnyeo cave?[edit]


What is Doma Pig?[edit]

Many new players to Luminary will be confused when they first see Doma Pig. He's a giant, demon like monster that walks around taunting players with reverse psychology. Although labeled as level 1, in actuality this is a very strong monster. If you attack Doma Pig, he will strike back and kill you, which is why he says "Don't hit me if you are a hunter."

Doma Pig is Luminary's method at catching people using programs ("macro" users) to automatically help them play the game for abnormally long periods of time. Basically, Doma Pig spawns when a player kills a lot of monsters in one area at one time. After a short amount of time, he will automatically die and dissolve into the ground.


For detailed information on individual quests, check the Table of Contents for a particular NPC's series of quests.

What are Magic Lamps used for?[edit]

Magic Lamps are event items that give the person who used them a random quest. The reward for these quests is a special character (letter) that when you collect all of them you receive a Witch's Hat.

Tips and Miscellaneous[edit]

How can I save money?[edit]