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Atari 2600[edit]

Developed and published by CBS Electronics in 1982. Managed to include all four stages that every other conversion contains, albeit with less detailed graphics.

Atari 5200 & 400/800/XL/XE[edit]

Developed by Roklan in 1982. Published for Atari home computers by Rocklan in 1982. Published for the Atari 5200 by CBS Electronics in 1983.


Developed by CBS Electronics, and published by Coleco in 1983. The only version, other than the Atari 2600, that displayed Astro Battle against a black background instead of a blue background.

Commodore 64[edit]

Developed and published directly by Commodore in 1983.

Commodore VIC-20[edit]

Developed and published directly by Commodore in 1982.