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Stage 1: Astro Battle[edit]

Gorf Stage1.png

The first mission is nearly a straight clone of Space Invaders. This is the only mission set against a sky-blue background instead of in space. You are protected by a glittering parabolic forcefield, which is gradually worn away by enemy projectiles. The forcefield also works in BOTH directions and therefore it must momentarily deactivate in order for the player's ship to fire out. To advance to the next mission, the player must destroy all the invaders.

  1. Fire immediately when the mission starts. You may get lucky and hit the Gorfian robot distributing the Space Invaders. Also fire at the invaders as they are being distributed for more points.
  2. Instead of the normal 11x5 grid of invaders, you only have to deal with an 8x3 grid.
  3. Instead of buildings to protect your ship, you now have a shield dome over you. It briefly disappears when you fire but the invaders have to cut through it with their lasers.
  4. Remember, you have a lot of maneuverability in your ship (i.e. you can go up and down) so it should be easy to avoid the invaders bombs.

Stage 2: Laser Attack[edit]

Gorf Stage2.png

It didn't take you long to find trouble. Just outside of Earth orbit, you encountered two small squads of ships. In this mission, the player is faced with two formations each made up of five enemies. The formations are cross-shaped, and at the bottom of each formation is a Laser Ship. The Laser Ships fire a long, dangerous yellow beam at regular intervals. At the same time, the other enemies may break formation and attempt to divebomb the player. Destroying a laser gun causes the corresponding formation to break apart. To advance to the next mission, the player must destroy all the enemies.

  1. Your first priority should be the Laser Ships. Wait until they have fired and send a shot right up their laser cannon.
  2. The escorts tend to make random movements so be wary of them coming at you from all directions.
  3. As the game progresses, everything speeds up accordingly.

Stage 3: Galaxians[edit]

Gorf Stage3.png

With the Laser Attack obliterated, you pushed on further into space. This mission is a clone of Galaxian but with fewer enemies (24 in Gorf vs. 46 in Galaxian). The player is faced with a swarm of galaxians, which continually divebomb and shower the player with deadly projectiles. To advance to the next mission, the player must destroy all the galaxians.

  1. Try to shoot the Galaxians when they are setting up to get the score for attacking Galaxian.
  2. At first, only a couple will come down. After a while, though, the Galaxians attempt to swarm all over your ship. Since they each fire 3 shots apiece, this can present a particularly deadly situation.
  3. Keep moving. There is no safe place (not even the corners).
  4. At later ranks, it isn't uncommon for a whole bunch of Galaxians to attack your ship at once.
  5. If you can, try to hit the Gorfian robot that sometimes bounds over the top of the Galaxians.

Stage 4: Space Warp[edit]

Gorf Stage4.png

Having located the enemy flag ship, you realized that in order to reach it in time to save Earth, you must risk a space warp. Engaging you engines, you soon found yourself traveling through the tight, cylindrical quarters of a hyperspatial wormhole. The wormhole is situated in the middle of the screen out of which enemies ships emerge—one at a time—and spiral outward at increasing speed; whilst growing larger and flinging fireballs at the player. To advance to the next mission, the player must survive a number of these enemies.

  1. This is the mission that tends to kill off most players. You will see a black hole with dots in it. These dots represent the number of fighters you have to deal with coming out of the black hole. As a Space Cadet, you only deal with 12 fighters. After that, it will be 16 fighters.
  2. Fighters leave fast or slow and rotate around the hole. In addition, they will also fire at you. It will take some fancy maneuvering to avoid both the fighter and the shot it fired.
  3. Some fighters go around so fast, you just have to try to keep out of its way.
  4. Sometimes fighters will launch a slow shot from the side of the screen. Watch out for these shots.
  5. In the later ranks, it will take all of your skill to survive since everything moves very quickly on this mission.
  6. An effective strategy is to fly up as close to the hole as possible, aiming primarily at either the right or left side of the hole, Fire rapidly and you can hit the enemies as they are first launched and still moving slow. Even though you are at close range, you can easily dodge the enemies you miss and/or their shots.

Stage 5: Flag Ship[edit]

Gorf Stage5.png

The final mission is a one-on-one confrontation with the alien Flag Ship itself. Having survived that onslaught, you reached interstellar space and found yourself in uncomfortable proximity to a fully shielded Gorfian Flag Ship. It is equipped with its own forcefield, through which the player must blast in order to get a clean shot on the ship. It is also armed with a powerful fireball weapon. The player's weapon has a minor effect on the Flagship's hull, and can only blast off tiny pieces of it. This adds to the player's problems, as stray pieces of hull can destroy their ship. These pieces can be destroyed with a single shot. The only way to destroy the Flagship is to hit the glowing reactor at the heart of the ship, either by first blasting away the hull to expose it, or by managing to fire a shot directly into the tiny vent that leads to the reactor.

  1. The Flag Ship will fly back and forth slowly. It will descend then ascend as it completes a back and forth movement.
  2. There is a shield around the Flag Ship you must cut through to hit it. The Flag Ship can fire through the shield at you.
  3. On the later ranks, the Flag Ship is escorted by two Gorfian robots.
  4. Plan your shots so you can expose the reactor. This will mean cutting through a little bit of the ship to accomplish this. Watch out for the debris you create since it is as deadly as the Flag Ship's laser shots. If you feel really daring, hit the debris for extra points.
  5. After you have stripped the ship away from the reactor, a well-placed shot should obliterate the Flag Ship.
  6. Again, in the later ranks everything moves much faster.